I'm new here!

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Red face I'm new here!

Hi, I've decided that my drinking is becoming [has become?] a problem for me . I'm not sure I can call myself an alcoholic. My mum was an alcoholic and I grew up in that environment - I don't see myself like her in the late stages of her disease but I have become worried about my drinking.

I've finally acknowledged that I am very capable of binge drinking regularly and that on most nights I share a bottle of wine with my partner. Sharing a bottle of wine doesn't seem much compared to some of the stories I've been reading on here, but the next day I am so hungover and even though I feel guilty I can't seem to say 'no' to it! - but so far this time I haven't had a drink 5 days - even though I have really craved one. I have also decided that I can't cope with the heart palpitations I feel all night after drinking. Its like alcohol has become toxic to my body. I have been feeling these palpitations most nights after drinking for about 2-3 years and can't believe I've just tried to ignore them for the sake of drinking!

I also don't want to end up like my mum, and for my own kids to become alcoholics too.
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Welcome Flip, glad to have you here on SR! I, too, had heart palpitations the morning after drinking...that was one of the reasons that I knew that "enough was enough". As you read through posts on here, you'll see that while some cases don't sound similiar to yours, others will feel as though they're talking specifically about you.

What plans do you have with your drinking? Are you going to attend any kind of AA? Have you thought of talking to your doctor about this?

Most importantly though, good for you for realizing there may be a problem and for addressing it! That's the hardest part and you've already gotten there.
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Welcome to the site! We're glad you're here. We want to support and encourage you in staying sober. You're on your way with five days sober! Good work!

Please come here often to let your feelings out so they won't trick you into drinking them away. Sorrow shared is halved, joy shared is doubled! Please let us help you stay sober and enjoy your sober life!

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Welcome to SR flip, glad you found us
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one of the reasons I quit drinking was because when I woke up the next morning I could'nt do anything.I know what you mean about toxic.I also was told with hep c it would only get worse.I still am pretty much a couch potato.Some people can and some can't drink.Try AA or keep coming here.AA did'nt do much for me but the people here are gotta get rid of your drinking pals to succeed.Thats the way it is.Good luck.
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Its like alcohol has become toxic to my body.
Exactly! You are totally correct.

..Welcome to our recovery community
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Hi Flip! you mentioned the environment you grew up in with your mom drinking -
never forget those memories, and that you don't ever want to end up in that situation. The sooner you stop the better - and good for you for realizing it early!!

hope you're doing well!
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Welcome, Flip!
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Thanks everyone for welcoming me. I don't feel comfortable with the thought of going to A.A. - it brings up memories of my mum [not that she even went there!] and its been hard even to admit I have a problem on here. I don't know what group I fit into - being a child of an alcoholic [even though my mum is now dead from the disease] and also having a drinking problem. I used to go to Alateen and then Alnon - Alateen was good but at Alnon [even though it is a good place] I felt I didn't belong because I was the child of an alcoholic not that I had a partner who was [and the rest of the group seemed to have partners in this way]. In the U.K. I think I might be called a 'double winner'?! - i.e. coming from both sides of the coin.
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