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Time is moving so slowly...

--Day 14 sober--

I was wondering, does anyone else feel this way? Every time I go sober, it seems as though time slows down, and I mean a lot. These two weeks have lasted an eternity. I feel like I'm slowly jogging in place. My mood is okay (only two terrible days so far). Maybe having sober awareness is actually putting me back on a normal clock (I'm getting more and better sleep now). I don't know. Anyone else care to chime in?

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I've felt that too...but now (day 30) it seems normal again. Although, I find that I sleep a LOT more than I used to. Maybe the body is recovering?

More importantly: congratulations on 14 days!!!! It will get better. Now you can have the energy/sobriety to do new things that will make the days go faster.
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There's no doubt that time moves slower for me in sobriety - I am now conscious enough to be aware of it moving at all.

Days and weeks don't fly by in a blur unnoticed anymore. I'm spiritually alive to enjoy every minute of the time.

Time is the coin of life, use caution in how you spend it.

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Well Bamb, I feel like I'm on a constant battle against space and time Time always seems to be in a hurry, and I never feel like I have enough space. I'm not talking specifically about sobriety here, I've always been that way. But what works for me is to quit worrying about time altogether, and focus on the now. I try to, anyway.

Your clock might be settling down... I don't know about you but, back when I was drinking, the days all seemed to be the same (actually, they were!) and, like you, I felt like I was running (uhmm... stumbling) on a treadmill that seemed to speed up mercilessly, taking me nowhere. So slowing down is a huge relief. Knowing that I'm *here* *now* is liberating.

On a more practical level, maybe you should be weary of boredom - though you don't mention it, droning uneventful days can be a pain. And boredom, at least to me, is a huge trigger. So I try to do something with my time. Maybe my daily activities aren't exactly grand, but I try to vary them a bit. I need the structure of a routine these days, it comforts me (I've had enough surprises for the time being!), but I also like it to be flexible and creative. Just a thought.

Enjoy your jog!
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Yep, early recovery time did seem to move 'slower.' Then the longer I was sober and clean, and my head started to clear and I was able to do more than just go to work and meetings, time picked up quite a bit and seemed to get back to normal.

Then as I have gotten older, times seems to be moving much faster, and I would like it to slow back down, roflmao.

So, be prepared, it will get back to what seems like a normal pace for you.

Congrats on your 14 days.

Love and hugs,

God Bless You All As You Trudge The Road
Of Happy Destiny (especially when you are
trudgin thru alligators up to your butt)
Sobriety: AA June 7, 1981
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My brother hated how slow days went in when he was sober.

He found it useful to keep busy, go for walks, do chores for friends or get lost in a book.

Goodluck x
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One of my favorite Jim Croce songs is "Time in a Bottle".

Hate to tell you this; but, I think you're going to find that, the older you get, the quicker the time flies by. So, enjoy every minute of sobriety!
He's coming to town... ...via the Polar Express!!!
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Congratulations, your memory's starting to work again. Echoing the above but fill that extra storage capacity with good stuff.

(He says, sat in a dressing gown at 4.20 in the afternoon, scoffing a cheese toastie, knowing the current Youtube addiction ain't gonna wear off soon. )
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Yes! I'm 21 days now and time on this third week has been s-l-o-w. Even watching Least, I've been like Sheesh, hasn't she reached 30 days YET? No offense Least. In the beginning I was feeling so good every day and each day I heard a trumpet (not really, just getting silly here) and now it's day 21. Seems like 30 days is another 2 months away. I feel you Bamboozle. Two weeks though!! That's awesome. You'll catch up to me in no time...or in slow sober time. Umm....we'll get there eventually.

Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak;

courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.

Winston Churchill
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