No sleep ..... No Sleep

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No sleep ..... No Sleep

Day four, Still not getting much if any sleep, pls give suggestions its driving me nuts
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Red face

Chamomile tea or Sleepy Time tea? I prefer the chamomile tea myself---very relaxing. Sometimes reading a book helps too.
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Please see if tis helps

Insomnia? 41 Simple Tips to Help You Get to Sleep - Insomnia treatment, cures

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Hey H - 'sup?

Does it help to know that it's normal?

Having music or talk radio going in the background helped me.

I dunno if you can do that with kids and the wife and everything.
But ... might be worth a try.

It's your body trying to take back over
and regulate
after being sedated for so long is all.

Sometimes just knowing the cause helps, too.

Backwards counting often does it for me as well.
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Hi Mr H - I sympathise, as I am having the same trouble. Have been trying some light meditation which seems to help ie. actively stopping all thoughts and thinking of nothing. Quite hard to do at first, but seems to help

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Cheers guys n girls, just having a look at that site now , cheers carol.
Spent most of the night watchin dodgy old movies and playing playstation but i have to get up for work at five so its abit of a nightmare.
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Ask your doctor for detox they gave me trazadone for sleep. It's non-addictive and an anti-depressant. It made me a bit groggy in the morning but helped me fall asleep and sleep deeply.
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Do you know why you are getting no sleep? Is yr mind going in circles? Are yr thoughts uncontrolled. Can you just lay down and think about nothing for 4-5 hours.

For me what always helps is studying I always fall a sleep whilst doing that. Just order a free trial course of something you like, and go at it you dont have anything else to do youre awake doing nothing right?. If you still cant sleep at least you are learning new things. But trust me I am alsmost certain it will work..
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make yourself count sheep, or read a book
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From our Alcoholism Forum

Sleep CD

CD by Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Steven Gurgevich called "Heal Yourself With Medical Hypnosis: The Most Immediate Way to Use Your Mind-Body Connection!"
(You can see it at Amazon).

SR member-DKS
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Hi Mr H, if you can't sleep, at least try to get some rest. I found that just laying down and relaxing helped a lot during withdrawal. Pacing around and freaking out, however, did not. Your sleeping pattern should adjust in time.

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"No one's ever died from lack of sleep....."

I remember early sobriety and the insomnia. It was rough, but my normal sleep pattern returned eventually.
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Yeah, insomnia due to drinking kept me drinking early on....just so I could fall asleep. Oh the wirey webs we entangle ourselves in with the "ism". It also kept me drinking when I wanted to stop at some point, again just trying to sleep.

It will go away eventually, you just have to ride this one to the beach. Paddle back out and get another one. Next one might be better. They will get better, just don't stop.
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I'm also still having an insomnia phase just now, not too worried about it yet - I'll be watching Rambo 4 later, hopefully I fall asleep after that.
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Thumbs up Insomnia...

Hi Mr. H,

I still have trouble now and then sleeping. I have tried many different things but have not used prescription sleeping aides.

Now I take Tylenol PM 2 tablets at bedtime and listen to music on my little CD Player in bed. It really stops my thinking to concentrate on the music or the rain or forest sounds of birds....!

If I am still wide awake, which doesn't happen much anymore, I just get up and go on my a game or read some of the posts.

I do stay up later but go to bed about the same time every night and get up about the same time every morning. I am retired so don't have a specific schedule to worry about but the sleep problem is better if I do it the same times every night. I also take my meds at the same times every day.

Hope you can find a better solution. In beginning sobriety I couldn't sleep so just read and read but couldn't tell you a thing I had read because my concentration was so bad.

Keep on Keepin On....Keep Coming Back.... :ghug2

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