didnt come here to be told ......

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didnt come here to be told ......

others aspire to being cops ....

like omg... i came here loaded am loaded and am trying to get a life here

im so paranoid and messed up mentally that i cant even rely on coming togehter with other addicts and alchoholics cus they might tell me to shut up someone got told that they could be reported and here i am messed right up pouring my booze down teh tioliet which is filled with booze

because im sick and tired of being so sick and im so full of panic and i wanted to come to a place where i felt safe

wanna be cops ... stay the F*&^% away from me
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I'm so sorry, I don't understand what your're trying to say?
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Hey, so what is going on with you?? We are here to talk with each other.
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same planet...different world
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TJ - :wtf2
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You know your thinking is screwed up just now.
Try to chill..get some something.

You too can recover.
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The OP was in chat last night, he got freaked out when conversation about people ideal jobs, includind police officers.

Thats because of illegal drug use. Whidh has also caused paronia.

None said they -were- police. Just 'I'd like to be a detective/animal therapist and oncem police.

Re being reported - that happened to me.

He also started getting rib of alcohol, but later took drugs, so felt awful.

TJ, hugs and please look after yourself sweetie. People do care - lots of them from last night You cab alwas chat to ne btw, I swear I am not police.

Love Lucy
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There ya go harm no foul...just a misunderstanding
supports here if you want it

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policeman is no friend of mine. TJ this forum is a good start & all if you wanna get help but you might wanna get some help in the "real" world too. go to an AA or NA meeting & raise your hand and be like "Hi, I'm TJ & I need some phone numbers lists" and then dial em, don't file em. That is if ya haven't done that all ready. no one will arrest you on the forum.
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