30 Days for Dean62!!!

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Smile 30 Days for Dean62!!!

Dean hit 30 days sober today!!! Big Congratulations!!!

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Wow, I can't even imagine that right now! Congratulations
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Congrats Dean!

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Way to go Dean!!
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Congratulations Dean!!!
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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Good for you, Dean!
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Yeah! Negative Man and Chuck Norris say "KICK *SS DEAN!!!!!!"

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Congratulations Dean on your 30 days!!!

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Way to go on achieving 30 days of sobriety, Dean.
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Great Job on 30 days :bounce
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way to go Dean'o!
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Great job, Dean!
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FANTASTIC, very proud of you, pleased for you. WELL DONE!! CONGRATULATIONS!! Enjoy the joy your sober living brings.

And thanks for all your support...

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Huge congrat's and a big hug on your 30 days Dean! It's an inspiration, for sure. Keep goin' along one day at a time, and so will I.:ghug3
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This is the first thread I clicked on this morning. What a wonderful way to begin a new day and a new week!

I think it's fantastic that we share not only our problems that we run into in our Recovery but also the marking of our accomplishments and achievements along the way.It inspires those who are struggling to see that their lives are not hopeless after all.

Again, Congratulations Dean! Walk tall and proud not only today but every day! It sure is a wonderful switch from the years we hung our heads in shame isn't it?

God Bless everyone who logs in here today. There is strength in numbers!
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