I give up

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I give up

I have moved back to the north east after burning my aparment,, loising my houses, losing my carsm going bankrupt. I was chaising a dream and all the while drinking and doing coke and chasing women. I was makeing okay money but partied all. I just felt like I wasn't making enough.

I came back 2 years ago and knew my HP had a reason. I really didn't ahve clue

What do I do? Get straight? No I find a women who is more messed up then me. Hey, why not, lets add gambeling to the list. What the fxxx was I doing in a Casino?

OMG, do I need help or what?

I quit smoking 13 months ago and never looked back. I had my last drunk 4 weaks ago. I don't want to go back to drinking. I know that I cannot do it alone. Tommorw I will find a meeting. I give up.
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Beaten into a state of reason. That's what happened to me too man. Lost my wife, parents would speak to me, wrecked my car, no friends, no money, no self respect.

There's still hope man, trust me.

Some of us have to get pretty far down before we've had enough.

Surrender is a sign of strength.
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Originally Posted by StandFast View Post
I give up.

A strange paradox.

When we give up, we gain.

Welcome to a better way.
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Surrender can be empowering. Find that meeting, and then find another, and so on.

Keep coming back.
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I'm glad you have surrendered!
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Give in yes, but don't give up. You're trying, making an effort, that is awesome. Keep going and keep us posted.
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That's what it takes, Stands ... good for you!
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Tommorw I will find a meeting. I give up.
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from the sky, everything looks small, but from the ground, everything looks big. In life nothing is always the same or fixed, everything depends on perspective.
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How are you doing today SF?
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Four weeks without drinking is impressive - hang in there!
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Congrats on your month sober, mate!

Good luck with everything, sounds like it's been a crazy year for you.

It's amazing, the things we can do to ourselves before we stop and think "What the f*&^ am I doing???" lololol

I know you're busy, but I've found a lot of really important things at my local AA meeting. I only go once a week, but I think that may change soon and I'll start going to more - depends on the timetable, but I look forward to them and I always leave really glad I went.

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