day 21 - should I take a trip I planned

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day 21 - should I take a trip I planned

I have not used or drank for 19 days. I have a tripped planned to my old city ( I move a couple of years ago). I need a getaway.

The problem is one of my friends is heavy user. Also, should I avoid places that I used to party in? How far should I take it?

I am staying with an ex who does not pary. I think it will be pleasant. but if gets stressfull, I cand get a room.

A weekend aweay with drinks and drugs as the center of activity is huge step for me. Movies, a show, bowling?, shopping, reading, a massage, great diners (save a bundle with no booze), dancing, any other ideas?

Three weeks coming up and I thank you all for posting and being there. I woulc not it have came this far without this.

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at 19 days I'd be avoiding using friends and old party haunts.
I never thought I'd sound like an old timer LOL but trust me - there's a long way to go yet

I'm all for road testing sobriety, but 19 days is still learning to walk IMO - my advice is to take it gently...really gently.

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Yep, 19 days is EARLY.

No stress, stay home.
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No, I would not go.

Take some more time to feel comfortable with sobriety. I know I would have found that too stressful, at that time.
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sounds like you know the answer to your question but you might not like it
If you need a get away how about multi hour booking with a professional massage therapist or a nearby hotsprings?

If your serious about staying clean, staying with an old ex and hanging out with a best friend who is a drug addict and old freinds, sounds like a easy ticket right back to where you were. You've gone this far, 19 days, big accomplishment, think about the challenge it was to get there. You are asking for our opinions, so I am giving it. But i've been there and done that and it never ended up helping me stay sober or sane for that matter. I would vote no on the trip back to the old digs at this point. But thats just one alchi/addicts opinion.
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Why not spend the free time to check out AA?
It's an awesome adventure ...
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Couldn't agree more with all that's been's strongly suggested that we avoid people, places, and things in early sobriety that could set us up for relapse. It took me two years in recovery before I could trust myself to go on vacation at the shore, which is where my teenage drinking really began (and escalated as I grew older). Even then, I made sure to hit a meeting every night while I was away...yes, they even have AA meetings for vacationers.
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if you hang around a barbershop awhile, eventually you will get a haircut.
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