Hugging all of SR

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Hugging all of SR

I was reading some of my old posts. My, how embarrassing, lol. I've been in some strange and horrible situations and mind sets, on and off over the years, and have always been supported by the people on SR. I'm on day 37 today. Now thinking of going to AA but you have been my "treatment" this past month and few weeks. I've been to treatment clinics and rehabs, and never made it this long...not that its long but I'm smiling because its the longest. You people have made me think, read, take responsibility (which I am horrible at but working on) and am finally starting to feel a little better. Poor facebook is being neglected, I love SR :-) You're a compassionate insightful bunch, and wanted you to know you're appreciated.
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congratulations on 37 days!
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I feel the same about SR Katie, and congrats on 37 days-that is huge!

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Way to go on 37 days, Katie
Don't be embarrassed by your earlier posts - that's just where you were at the time. I've been there.
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Well done, keep up the good work!!! What a merry Christmas you'll have!!!
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the girl can't help it
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congrats on the days, may they turn into years. SR has been with me thru so much too and I am very thankful to have found us...
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congratulations YI

keep that openmindedness...

xxoo & blessings

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Congrats on your sober time! Keep it up!

SR is a wonderful place to be!:ghug2
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