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Power of Positive Thinking!
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I've recently returned to AA after my last stint. I've been in and out of AA several times over the past 27 years, with a commulative soberity of 11 years (which doesn't mean much as I'm only 2 days sober at this time). I found this web site and have been reading all the great things people have said. Sharing each others ES&H is the greatest part about this program. Reminding myself that I'm not the only one.

About two months ago my wife found that I had been out drinking then went and picked our kids from one of their activities afterwards. She insisted that I leave and decide if I wanted to keep drinking or keep the family. I was doing really good since, going to meetings, talking to people... But then, I was hangin' out in my RV (where I'm living) Sunday night and felt that I actually had nothing to do, no resonsibilities at the moment, and decided that a beer would be great. Stupid alkie talk. 5 tall boys later, I felt like sh*t. The guilt and disapointment of myself was overwhelming. Every thing is/was going great. My wife and I are beginning to resolve our issues and are moving in a positive direction. Was this a little slip? I hope so and a good hard kick in the butt for me. I've also voluntarily installed a interlock devise so even if I do relapse, I won't be driving my kids.

I'm not going to tell my wife right now. Yes, I know that honesty is the corner stone of this program. She is so happy that I'm working (trying) to get and stay clean and sober, and that maybe some day we will be together again. I'm afraid that telling her would be to much for her at present. She's happy, sleeping well, doing good things for herself and the kids, and I can see that she's far more relaxed and realizes that it's not her fault. Why crush her again at this time. Some day I will have to tell her for my own sake - 9th step?

This is a "must work it" program for me. I can't be complacent nor take it for granted. I need to work the steps everyday - again... I'm now going to meetings everyday. Also, reading the big book and posts on this and other forums. Life is good right now. I need to remember one more drink and it will all go down the drain.

Thanks for letting me say my peace.
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let it grow!
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welcome, snopup. keep posting! blessings, k
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Hi Sno,

I'm glad that you are here..keep trying

But I always think that the best way to know God is to love many things. ~Vincent van Gogh
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Glad to read your post. Hopefully your 5 tall ones was the kick in the butt. Im glad you stopped at that at least. Good luck with everything....
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Originally Posted by Snopup View Post
I've also voluntarily installed a interlock devise so even if I do relapse, I won't be driving my kids.
I want to personally thank you. My mother had a problem and she was on the way to pick me up when she passed out, ran a red light and destroyed the side of the car I would have been in. I also see many accidents up the road from me now that the casino has started serving alcohol. It seems like someone is dying in a crash every other week.

On behalf of your children, thank you for protecting them and other drivers on the road.
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glad your here!

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Welcome , I'm glad you found us and hope you continue to read and post.
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Welcome Sno, thanks for sharing your story!
"Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty, and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming---*WOW-What a ride*!"
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