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Perhaps a silly question but how does one go about getting a sponser and then how does that relationship function? A guy at my last meeting...the person leading it...gave me his number and said he could be mine or mine until I found someone.
I feel weird about calling--he's not creepy or anything, maybe it's because he's a stranger.

Right now it seems the harder I am trying to quit the more I have drank/ wanted to. Like I'm trying to prove that I'm in cotrol of the alcohol which is hardly the case. Rather than have my usual "weekly drunk episode" since I've decided to stop I had a double whammy this/last week and really put my job in jeopardy. I am back sober now. It's exaughsting and illogical. I just want to be done already. Done and with at least a tiny bit of energy. I probably need to confide in a friend or two of mine so that they're at least aware of what's going on, plus after I tell them I won't be able to drink with them. That would be good.
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A Sponsor/Sponsee relationship is a special thing. Sometimes we are lucky and find the "one or two" right away, sometimes it take a while. The person who offered to be your temporary sponsor was probably trying to help you stay sober until you found the "one". Who knows, he may just turn out to be him!!! Sometimes, our sponsors find us!! My best friend to this day was working in the treatment center I was in, we became friends there and when I stayed on as a trainee, our friendship grew into a mutual respect and trust. I found out that there was another person out there who could have been my twin...I thought some of the disgusting things that happened to me and that I did were "unique" boy, was I wrong. One day, about two years after we became friends, I said, "You know that you are my sponsor, don't you?" The replay was a casual "Yeah, I kind figured that"
When we met, it seemed like my sponsor had so much clean time, A year and a half, I was in awe,I thought...some day, I am going to have that. Today, I have a little over 13 years sober, my sponsor will have 15 years in August....somehow, the gap doesn't seem so big.

Take your time finding the right person, or two, you are allowed to have more than one!! Until then, lean on anyone close, that is what the program is all about, admitting we have a problem, give it over, be aware of our mistakes, make amends, and spread the word to others like us. Good luck...

Every Saint has a past and every Sinner has a future!
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Before you get a sponsor...
look on the literature rack for

"Questions and Ansers on Sponsorship"

And Yes...
You might want a temp sponsor
to see how the two of you get on.

Take care
Each Day Sober Is A Victory!!
Joy In AA Recovery!

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It is somewhat daunting when first getting a sponsor because you have to reach out to what is most often a perfect stranger and let them know that you are having a rough time and would like some guidance and help through the process. I just did it myself, I had to reach out to a woman I barely knew. But she had offered me her phone number and told me I could call her anytime and I am learning to take people at their word and not what I think they are saying. So I called her and asked. I figured the worst she could say was no. And it turned out she said yes.
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