Happy Birthday Lostchild

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Looking For Myself...Sober
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Happy Birthday Lostchild

I hope your birthday is a good sober one.
Treat yourself good.
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Congratulations Jodie...have a nice day....stay strong
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Happy Birthday!

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Hey, lostchild. I know you've been going through a hard time. Hope you're able to enjoy your birthday. Wishing you happiness and sobriety.
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Happy Birthday Jodie!!!!!!
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Happy birthday (((LC)))

Hope you know you're surrounded by love here

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Life is Grand
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Happy Birthday young lady..oh to be young again!! You know I am here if you need me....big hugs to you sweetie.....

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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Wishing you all that you wish for yourself and then some. Happy Birthday LC.

safe hugs indie
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Happy Belated Birthday, LostChild! (Thought it would be fun for you to get something the day after as well! ) Hope you enjoyed the day... and enjoy the blessings for the year to come as well!

On a side note... I thought I was computer saavy... okay.. I am w/spreadsheets! Okay..LOL... but how./where does everyone find the beautiful pics and fun animation that I always see? I need to get out of the bland and into the glamour (LOL) when the mood strikes me!

Lost Child.... I hope you aren't upset w/me that I may have taken some of the thrill out of your big day. Not my intent, Honey Pie! Just will have the skills next year to do all the bells and whistles for you, I hope! Have a super day!!
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Hope that you day was filled with peace. Happy B-Day!
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happy belated birthday LC

all your hopes and dreams are possibilities

xxoo, rz
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let it grow!
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hb, lc! k
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