Thinking about trying sobriety alone?

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Thinking about trying sobriety alone?

You are reading from the book Twenty Four Hours a Day Hardcover (24 Hours)

A.A. Thought for the Day

We're in A.A. for two main reasons: to keep sober ourselves and to help others to keep sober. It's a well-known fact that helping others is a big part of keeping sober yourself. It's also been proved that it's very hard to keep sober all by yourself. A lot of people have tried it and failed. They come to a few A.A. meetings and then stay sober alone for a few months, but usually they eventually get drunk. Do I know that I can't stay sober successfully alone?

Meditation for the Day

Look by faith into that place beyond space or time where God dwells and whence you came and to which you shall eventually return. "Look unto Him and be saved." To look beyond material things is within the power of everyone's imagination. Faiths look saves you from despair. Faith's look saves you from worry and care. Faith's look brings a peace beyond all understanding. Faith's look brings you all the strength you need. Faith's look gives you a new and vital power and a wonderful peace and serenity.

Prayer for the Day

I pray that I may have faith's look. I pray that by faith I may look beyond the now to eternal life.
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I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way......

If anyone has achieved long-term sobriety by themselves my hat is off to you.

I tried doing it alone, thinking I wasn't one of "them". There isn't a day that goes by now when I don't look forward to going to an AA meeting, seeing my friends, sharing my ESH with a newcomer, and filling my heart and soul with good sobriety. I'm very grateful to the program, and to the Fellowship that keeps me sober.
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Yes....and the fellowshio is just plain awesome!
I see walking miracles at each meeting.

Why on earth would I want to be alone
in my struggles or my victories?

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let it grow!
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i say reach out for all the help and support you can get..blessings, k
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I can't do this alone. Thanks for the post.
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Just look at the process of just me have eggs for breakfest..
There's all kinds of people involved in that process.
I don't own a chicken farm you ?
I don't raise the hens
I don't grow feeds or farm the feed for them
I don't clean those eggs.
I don't sort them out
I don't pack them
I don't drive them across the country
I don't distribute them from depote pionts
I don't unload from the truck
I don't stamp the bar codes on them
I don't stack them on the shelf
I don't scan them for the price
and i don't cook, my GF dose.

So why the hell would i trid to get sober alone? ...close minded..
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I need alone time...and like to be alone a lot...

But could I do it bt myself?

No freakin' way.


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Before AA, I was a recluse, a loner. I had totally isolated myself. I was self sufficient to the extreme.

(Naw man, it's OK, I CAN DO THIS......all I have to do is [insert latest idea here])

I was wrong. Almost dead wrong.

Today, the Fellowship is one of the many blessing I've received.
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