Kudos to this site

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Kudos to this site

I have been lurking for a few days and really think this site is great! I have been searching the net and most of the forums I visited were a little too icky poo for me. I want to thank the members of this forum for giving me a place to find answers to many of the questions I have been searching for. Nowhere else could I find info on what to expect when quitting or any sort of time frame so thanks especially for that.

I have been sober for 15 days. What a great feeling! It has been a long hard road so far but I am going to only think positive and anticipate greatness to come. I am hoping that my 2 years of counseling had given me some of the tools to accomplish this daunting task. I finally fessed up to her about my drinking and she sent me to an outpatient program and I have been there or aa meetings every night since.

My down time has been saved by reading the posts here. I'm a little shy so hopefully I will continue to be comfortable enough to post often.

Greetings to all and thanks again.
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Welcome and congradulations on 15 days!

Don't be shy, we don't bite.........well not often anyway.
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let it grow!
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post away, belikin! glad you found us, and big congrats on your sober time! k
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Hi Belikin,

Welcome to SR - I'm glad you posted. Congratulations on your sober time and on your determination to get well. Hope to see more from you soon!

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I love your choice of words "too icky poo". I like you already.
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Thanks folks for the to eat some chocolate now.
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He Belikin, welcome, eat some chocolate for me too!
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Welcome to SR. It's so nice to hear how coming here is helping you...and I'm always happy to meet another person who appreciates chocolate! I'm going to have some 65% cacao/ extra dark after lunch.
Congrats for your 15!
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It's great that you came in out of the shadows, we love it when people do that.

Just want to welcome you too and say that I am glad you found us.

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Hi and welcome glad you've decided to post and congratulations on your sober time.

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welcome.keep posting, you'll be more and more acquainted with the place with time.

happy you're here

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way to go on your 15 days, Belikin. Glad you found us! Please come back often!
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Congrats on your 15 days. That's awesome. Welcome to SR=)
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everything is already ok
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Welcome to SR we may not be all here but we are all here
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Welcome belikin, you are a brave and wonderful

person, hey anyone who likes chocolate is a

wonderful person in my book. Love and hope, hope3
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greetings Belikin...

welcome to the wide, and we mean wide... wide world of recovery... wish'n you all the best on your journey...

and hey, what kind of chocolate?... milk, or semi-sweet...

just like a alk'y... never satisfied... lol

post away Belikin...

xxoo, bless.... rz
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