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Trying to find information for my son who is a drug addict and in jail. He may be facing jail time however I wanted to look into a program called Cenikor. Any personal experiences with this or know of someone that benefited or not from this program. Thanks
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This is all I found

Never heard of it.

When your son is willing, I'd suggest AA or NA. AA has worked for me and countless others.

Good Luck and God Bless.
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welcome, wantstohelphim -

i'm not familiar with that program, sorry. please feel free to keep posting. there's a friends and family section here where you can meet many other parents in the same situation.

blessings, k
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This is a awesome site.
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Upon reading what that site says, I see it (by what it says) is like a program my brother was in. Still comes down to... you get out of something what you put into it. My brother is doing just enough to stay out of jail and off drugs but he has a long way to go in his recovery. He does just enough to get by.

If a person works any program to the fullest, I would say that is when they will gain the most. His choice of what he gains from any program.
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This program was recommended by a counciler my son was seeing, I guess there are other programs out there like this. I hear it is very tough, very few complete the program but those that do have a tendency to stay clean and continue to progress. My son has been using all kinds of drugs for years since early teens. He is now 22. I feel like his mind is brainwashed into a lifestyle of drugs, if there was a program that would brainwash him in the other direction there would be hope. Also this program revolves around a strong work program. I allways felt that working hard is a good way to keep your mind from being idle to able to think of negative things to do.
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I am a graduate of the Cenikor program and I also work for the program. This program saved my life. It is a very hard program and very structured. This program is not for everyone. It really breaks down to the point you get out of it what you put into it. Their are endless opportunities at Cenikor. You also don't have to completely finish the program to be successful either, although I recommend taking full advantage of everything they have to offer. I have seen people leave after a year and are still clean and I have seen people graduate from the program and relapse. It all depends on the person. I highly recommend Cenikor.

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I just visited my son at Cenkor this weekend and I am worried about his state. He has lost weight since he went in and he doesn't act normal. I don't know - maybe it's sleep deprivation. His color is bad and he looks like a rat in a cage - running around trying to do what they want him to do but too nervous to eat. You get a feeling that something isn't quite right. He was a first time offender - but another incident with marijuana was jeopordizing his probation so his probation office offered this place as an alternative to revoking his probation. I wonder why the program is so long for everyone. It appears to me that the longer he's there the wierder he becomes. He's been there 6 mos. so far.
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My 21 yo son has been at Cenikor Ft. Worth for 11 months, it is a difficult program(2 yr), but it has saved his life, he also was stipulated by the court. I recommend it, but your son must realize it is not easy. Hope this helps. May God comfort you.
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We have Cenikor here in Baton Rouge.
It use to be called Parkland Hospital
where i went to rehab back in 1990.

Im an Alumni.

I worked with a number of those
in the program at my bakery job.

From what ive heard about it....
Im glad i was in rehab before
Cenikor came about.

There r harsh programs available
out there for repeat offenders or
who may need it....but they didnt
have programs like that back in
the day and even the worst cases
seemed to eventually stay clean
and sober.

So why today we need harsh programs?
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So why today we need harsh programs

Maybe because we have so many 'harsh' offenders...
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Not for everyone

I agree Cenikor is not for everyone, it is difficult. But it is what my son needed. He has/had anger issues, and authority issues, and there has learned there are consequences for poor bahavior, he is a different, better, more adjusted person than when he went there. He had been to a 3 month rehab., almost a vacation, which taught him something, but he was right back out there within about two weeks. He needed the structure and accountability that Cenikor provides.
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