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Red face help

I'm 24, about to be 25. I've spent the past 4 yrs of my life drunk. I have a 2 1/2 yr old son that i need to seek help for. I am not sure If I am ready to give it all up yet. i have the tremors and the nausea. but then i can't stop even when I want to. i'm so much better sober but can't stay that way even a day for anything. you;d think my little drunk mistake( not a mistake a blessing, my baby) would be enough. but it's not. i need help. i'm reaching out to anyone who will listen. my big thing is my mom and dad are both alcoholics too. it's a cycle. i can't see myself never having even one drink again. can I safely moderate? or am i just screwed?
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Welcome Aboard, southwind33! We're glad you're here. Taking the first step in surrendering the drink is often a difficult one. No, you're not screwed. It may seem like you are, but you're not. If you have trouble stopping, even for a short time, you may not be able to drink in moderation. Don't worry about "never having another drink"...just take it one day at a time.

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hey southwind whats up. i can indentify with the age thing, seeing as im 26. as far as not being able to see yourself never drinking again...the good news is we dont have to! all you have to do is make it until the end of the day. worry about tommorow when it comes.

personally i wont say if ill drink again. i honestly dont know if i will and i dont care. but i do know that im not drinking today. you couldnt pay me at this moment to go through that pain again right now.

one day at a time.
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Hi Southwind,

Have you tried drinking moderately and did it work? If not, try drinking no alcohol for a specific period, say three months, and see how you feel. You should easily have your answer as to whether or not you're an alcoholic.

I think it can be overwhelming to think of never drinking again, so as Chicago says, don't focus on that. Take care of yourself now, today and begin the road to recovery. That's something you can do for yourself and your child.
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welcome to SR. I hope you're able to find some answers to help you.
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There is a way out of the destructive cycle.

I found my solution in AA.

Blessings to you and your family

Welcome to SR!
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Hi southwind33,

I feel so relieved that I am not sick and tired anymore, that never taking another drink seems ok now. It didn't seem that way at first, but it does now. The more time I have sober, the less the idea of never drinking again bothers me.

You can break the cycle. It is possible! The fact you posted here means you are already seeking a solution.

Good to have you here.

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