scared and alone

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Unhappy scared and alone

Hello, I have never posted anything on any kind of board much less a board for addicts. Sorry If this is the wrong place. But I have recently admitted to the unadmittable that I have a horriable addiction to hydrocodone. I have read many threads but I feel my addiction unfortunatly is much greater at least in the numbers a day I have been using, I'm still using and scared. No one not my husband children, friends, co workers know. What have I done? I have decided to try and start getting a plan together to quit. One time I accidently let my self run out, it was horriable I went running to the doctor which he thought I had the flu and gave me some for aches and pains. I have been taking around 16-20 hydrocodone 10 per day. My poor liver. I'm actually a very caring person that gets along well withothers or at least use to I'm not sure who I am anymore
except a complete fraud and cowered. The last 2 days I have actually cut my use in half. I am watching the clock every minute though waiting for my next fix. I am the mother of three very wonderful kids and so grounded don't know how. Twin 17 year old girls and my son is 9. They need their mother back I am distant and edgy, and probly worse than I actually see. Any word of encouragement or even kick in the butt will be greatly appreciated. Thanks
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Hi Dee and Welcome,

You are not alone and this is a great place for support.

I would suggest that you talk to your dr and tell him about your situation. It sounds like you're on the right track, tapering off. Take a look around and read some other posts and I hope you keep posting.
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welcome dee...I too beat a terrible addiction to hydro's .....It was terrible and I never want to go through it again.....

i get alot of support from the "mom's thread"...we are all working through it together...

Keep posting and find the support you need......

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Welcome,'ve found a great place here at Sober Recovery, and many, many folks from all over the world posting day and need for you to feel alone.

Anna's suggestion that you "come clean" to your doctor should be given serious consideration.

Wishing you a warm and cozy
Holiday Season
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Hi sweetie,

You are not alone!

It is a difficult situation and you have taken a great first step. Talking to your doctor would be a wise move. Be open and honest- that is what is in your best interest.

Stick around and keep posting. There is tremendous support here!
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Posts: 2,363 won't find many people who want to give you a kick in the butt around here...but you will find tons of caring are not alone...i, too am a mother of three, addicted to vicoden...i know how horribly hard it is to quit...but the hardest thing to do is admit to yourself and others that you have a problem...and you have done that...that is can make it...definitely stop by the "mom's thread..." and read some of the old posts of ours, you would not believe how common your problem is among mothers and people you would never suspect had a problem at are not alone...and you can do this...keep posting here it really helps...
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Welcome to SR.... I so glad you decided to seek out some help for this.

Im not familiar with that drug but it sounds like talking to your doctor is probably the best advice ... Detox can be dangerous..... Please keep posting and reaching out for help... We are all effected by drugs/alcohol in one way or another.... your not alone.

The Mom thread they are refering too is here:

I look forward to getting to know you.
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I'm glad you found this place--there are lots of great, helpful people here ready to share their strength.
I hope you come visit the "mom thread".
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Wink Thank you all

Wow, I guess I didn't expect the reaction I got from reading your post. I started crying I don't feel I can talk to my doctor about this problem at least not yet I feel It could have affect on my career in my community. But I am considering telling my husband which I would denied to my last breath yesterday. I hope and pray he will at least grow to help understand but I'm teriffied he is pretty much the golden boy and expects the same from his family. I have been hidding this for sooooooooooooo long. thanks again
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Your doctor wouldn't jepordize his career at your expense... at least I don't think so. It might make it easier on your recovery with him in your corner... it's his chosen profession to help people ya know . You are not alone here, as you have already seen.
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My thoughts and prayers are with you. As a recovering user myself I have to say that attending daily meetings have been a lifesaver for me in terms of getting the emotional support that sometimes my family could not provide me since they did not understand what it is like to be addicted to pills. I hope that you can find a doctor that you feel comfortable talking to about this about or find the strength to seek a qualified detox center to help you get your life back on track. There are many many places around, what area are you writing from perhaps someone on this board or one of the other forums on this site has a good recommendation?

congratulations on taking the first step towards taking back control of your life from these pills!
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i replied to you in the other thread.
pm me if you need me and i will help you in any way i can
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