Thanksgiving Day - Tough for most?

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Thanksgiving Day - Tough for most?

I have not been drinking for about 9 days now and this is the first holiday without wine. I thought it would be easier than this I am certain that I will not drink today, but feel like I will be white knucking it. I guess it gets easier over time....

Happy Thanksgiving all!

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Day 9 for me too. I don't know about easier, but I know it will be alcohol free for me too .
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You guys hang in there. Holidays can be tough in early sobriety so latch onto your support system (us) and know that you can do this!!!!

Happy sober Thanksgiving to you both!
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Congrats to both of you on 9 days. Hang in there. It does get better. This year I am celebrating my 2nd Thanksgiving clean and its great.
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Happy Sober Thanksgiving to David and Kellye...and, everyone else who manages not to drink today!

It may be a little while before it gets easier; but, for sure it will be different, and well worth the effort. Take it from one who drank for 32 years and today I am enjoying my 27th Sober Thanksgiving.
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You guys are doing great and I hope you both enjoy your Thanksgiving!
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Happy Thanksgiving! You can enjoy your dinner alcohol free and maybe even enjoy it more since you'll taste it and remember it.
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Alcoholism is a disease.

Treat it like one.

SUGGESTION: Don't do it alone.........

Get involved in some sort of formal recovery.

Why just take the alcohol away, and be the very same person, w/o alcohol?

Miserable. Unsatisifed mind. Restless, irritable, discontent.

No thanks!
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Way to go David and gypsy 9 days is great, every day is a victory.

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Thanks everyone...

I appreciate all of your supportive comments. The post earlier was my first and not very specific so here goes...

I turned 40 over the summer and vowed to quite drinking. It took me a while longer than I anticipated. I guess it is because I really have not hit a true bottom yet. I have a pretty good life actually. Successful career, beautiful supportive wife, smart and great young kids... You would never know by looking at me that I struggle with alcohol as much as I do. I do realize of course that more people know I drink too much and just don't say anything.

Alcohol runs in the family as they would say. My dad and granddad both died from alcohol related issues. I, in fact, have slightly elevated liver enzymes. My doctor asked me to quite drinking months ago to see how it would impact the enzymes and I could not bring myself to do it until last week (longer story). That, in itself, should say that I have a problem. Why would I risk my health??? I tried to convince myself that the enzymes were low and there was no proof that alcohol had anything to do with it... Funny how you can trick yourself.

Yesterday was tough since I took an early train home from the city and missed the fun that I had having a few beers on the train home with the guys. Especially, around the holidays. I can remember being envious of this when I was a kid seeing how much fun my dad "seemed" to be having with his friends. I realize intellectually that this is just the appearance of fun and that there is little true connecting going on in this state, but again funny how you can trick yourself.

Dinner without wine today was strange. For me, it complements the meal and makes food taste better. That would be fine at 2 glasses like everyone else, but I cannot do that as you would suspect. I have to drink a bottle or two... The first few minutes were awkward, but not that bad overall. I realize how little my wife's family actually does drink when I am sober. I was definitely the one drinking the most and continuing to drink when I got home afterward. They all seem to stop before desert. Today, I did not start so did not need to stop

Anyway, thanks again for the support. I feel great and will wake up without a hangover which should make tomorrow a fun day with the kids.

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way to go david! this was my first holiday without alcohol too! that's one down...

keep on keeping on!
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This is my first sober thanksgiving, and it will mark one year of me being sober. Thanksgiving last year was my last awful binge, *months* after I started treatment.

Last year at this time I was blacked out. What a contrast. There really isa lot more life when you are not missing several days a month; minimum, not including the several days of vomiting, shaking, and all the other fun stuff.

I know I will get to the end of the night even though I am dwelling on bitter feelings, lonely, and perpetualy left out.

Next year won't be like this.
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i heard that. this time last year i was nodding off on heroin causing fires because i kept passing out with lit cigs. followed by horrific dope sickness every single morning like it was Ground Hogsday. im coming up on a year now too...what a difference.
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Red face


Serenity Prayer, Serenity Prayer, Serenity Prayer

You can DO THIS!!

Keep posting!
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Wow.. Congrats!! Keep up the great work. My mind always played tricks on me. Not anymore, 69 days sober.. yahhooo... We can do this!!
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Originally Posted by scootinbabe
way to go david! this was my first holiday without alcohol too! that's one down...

keep on keeping on!

This was also my first holiday sober. Interesting, eh? I woke up TIRED, but NOT hungover. I sure don't miss it. The hangover, that is. The not drinking is....tough for me, anyhow. I'm SO excited for you, David! Excellent!!!!!
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My first sober holiday too and it was great! I have my sister and her family in my home for five days so it's pretty intense, in the past I've starting drinking pretty early "to get through it". This Thanksgiving, I focused on being a good hostess, making really good meals, cleaning up, making good conversation, playing games... none of my old resentment surfaced because it wasn't about ME. One time I felt a overwhelmed and irritated by something my sister was doing so I slipped away, read a little and meditated, had a glass of water, and was fine. And no headache or upset stomach or bad mood the next day. I won't be drinking today.
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I worked on Thanksgiving, spent Friday in the lab puttering around, and today got some intriguing results--could it be the new phase of matter? Alright, new liquid crytsal. I don't want to exagerate. But technicaly I suppose it is.

I am lonely, but this is temporary I hope.

The 27th will be the first day last year I woke up with the DT's. I started typing my hand written novel because I couldn't sleep for several days. At first i was shaking so hard it was very hard to type.

Now 450 pages are typed, and I am on page 650 of the hand written version.

But alas, I have no lady fair to call my own. Next year will be better.
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