I want to be normal again

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I want to be normal again

Hi all,
So I just posted and I couldn't post a reply- anyway- in a perfect world my family would be a family- and not torn apart- I would be able to do what we used to do like movies, dinner out, time together now all we do is fight if we are together..
My husband is never there for the kids when he needs them to be, just when he wants to be the heavy hitter.
I know he is tired and stressed out- but I am working 2 jobs 1 is fulltime and one part time, plus running the kids- doing the housework an the laundry. He gets by pretty good.
I want to be normal again- I look at the posts online and I think yes I can do this to- I really want to- I need to- I am tired of feeling lonely and depressed- I want to change me.
I just wish someone would kick my husband where it counts and let him know that life is too short to keep yelling at his kids and not being there for them. I know he was drinking last night - I could smell it on his breath, but I am not to confront him- but its ok if he confronts me?
He used to be kind and understanding- there for us when we needed him to be- but now its like we don't mean anything to him anymore- just a place to sleep and eat- I really feel bad for my kids- they are 15 and time goes too fast- in three weeks they are 16-
It breaks my heart that he doesn't have a good relationship with them.
What can I do the next time he starts it with our kids I am so tired of bein the mediator- but I also thank God that I wasn't drinking last night.
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Raising children, especially teenagers is very hard to do. They test your patience and it's sometimes hard for parents to agree. I assume you've talked to your husband about being too hard on the kids. If so, he will probably not change unless he wants to. You need to focus on yourself and your relationship with your children. Stay focused on your sobriety and your kids and the family situation may improve.
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