Hi! I'm new and upset

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Hi! I'm new and upset

My son is drinking tonight. My heart hurts!
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i know u feel so bad... but if u can trust him in a way that he wont get drunk... his body is strong... its normal, in the end everyone will drink...
i know i dont have the right to comment coz im not a parent or anything, but i love children, and for me they are the only reason to live...
In the end, u cant forbid him from drinking... u can be there 4 him if he needs u...not more... i know u r suffering, but it would happen sooner or later...
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jrose, do you feel your son may be an alcoholic? There are plenty of good people from AA here and someone will come along soon who's 'been there'. In the meantime ((((((jrose))))
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Welcome to SR!

It does hurt when our loved ones drink.

I suggest you go to the Friends & Family Forum
and read the shares..
especially the top stickys.

Click here please..

Blessings to the 2 of you..
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Hi Rose...

My son is an alcoholic/addict and has recently relapsed. I remember before his last bout with sobriety how CRAZY I was!

I tried the "four Ms" mentioned in my Alanon book -

I managed
I manipulated
I monitored and
I martyred

I found another set of letters MUCH more helpful - the 3Cs:

I cannot CAUSE addiction
I cannot CONTROL addiction
I cannot CURE addiction

I 'got' those 3Cs intellectually... right from the get go. But I didn't "get" how to apply them in a practical meaningful way until I messed up time and time again. It seems I needed to learn from experience.

So, when my son "went back out", this time - I was sad... very sad. And I will slip occassionally into "awfulizing" and "future tripping", but I increase my attendance at Alanon, because it was there that I learned how to act and react to the addicts/alcoholics in my life... and they are the best resource for me.

I started with 1 meeting per week, but I increased my number of meetings per week.

I hope you can find some Alanon meetings... they helped me very much.
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