I am still alive and doing the best that I can

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Hopefully Healing Up
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I am still alive and doing the best that I can

Well, the DWI thing turned out that I got 90 days with 75 suspended. $500 in fines with additional court costs as well as attorney costs. I also have $300 in mandatory classes and my license suspended for a year. In addition, I have to pay each time I go to the class $20 and have an interlock put in my truck which is broke right now anyway. Basically, they are bankrupting us and quick with the threat of jail or pay up now and we dont care if you have the money or not. On a good note, I am finally permanent salary on my job and have more work to do than I can ever get done, stressful but also gives a sign of job security. I am almost done with my jail time and trying to get on with my life. Yes, I still drink but not to the extreme that I used to and I never drive. My truck is broke and I do not currently have a license so I get a ride to and from the best that I can.
My word to the newcomer, dont do it, its not worth it. If you do not want to quit, well that is up to you but do not get into a vehicle unless there is someone that has not had a single drink of alcohol driving. It is hell and you just do not want to go there.
Alive and Well,
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WOW! this really is a good way to get people to not drink and drive. O cannot imagine what it's like having a DWI. Good luck and i'm sorry about all the expenses.
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Hi Roy,

Welcome back! I'm sorry things are so difficult right now.
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Hi Roy, it is great to hear from you! I know things aren't as you would hoped them to be right now, but you are mulling through. Take it one day at a time and you will get through this. You know the saying, this to shall pass, and it will. It is good news about your job. I know you work hard and deserve it. There comes good with the bad, thank goodness. I wish you a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end of it. Heck, I wish one for myself now that I am at it. Time's are changing. Now, at the end of the rainbow is a leprechaun with a debit card and he isn't to anxious to give it up. Huh? Such is life. However, On a good note I have brought you a Scooby snack...enjoy!

Keep us posted and stay in touch!
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Forward we go...side by side-Rest In Peace
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Hi Roy...
Ah yes...the ying and yang of life!

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Hi Roy,

I have had several DWI's as well, spent time in jail, lost my license, and my job as well, and I got through it. You will too. Thanks for sharing. The problem with telling people who are already drunk not to drive is that they don't listen, as drunk people don't make the best decisions.

Be Well,
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Hopefully Healing Up
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Thanks all, I mainly wanted everyone to know that I am still alive and maybe struggling with some things but otherwise hanging in there. This too shall pass and thank God for wonderful, understanding people like yourselves. I am blessed to know you.
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