Take a walk with me.

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Take a walk with me.

Throughout most of my life one thing has remained a constant inspiration...nature. Nature has provides for me endless opportunities for relaxing, thinking, observing and getting to know myself on an inner level.

So let's all take a walk in a forest. Little glimpses of the clear blue sky. Quiet on a grandiose level. There is noise but one has to listen for it. The noise of the squirrels frolicking. There is the sound of the leaves rustling together. There is the low drone of bugs in flight. The only other sound is of your own thoughts racing.


Slow your thoughts; cease to let the mundane thoughts of a panicked civilization overrun our brains.

We have to allow for quiet time. For nature. For observance. For reflecting.

Look at the trees; their stately purpose. Feel the breeze as it flutters by taking an ounce of worry with it. Take in that majestic and glorious neverending sky. That my serenity could match the awe that I feel looking at the sky and fluffly white clouds.

My heart is as bouyant as the squirrels that run past.

How can you not be care free with this as God's playground?

Thanks for walking with me.
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Thank you........................

What a beautiful post! I too love nature and, for that reason, could never leave our wooded home and live in the city!!! The birds and little creatures make me so happen. Serenity is sitting in the quiet and peaceful woods listening to my "little friends" scatter around getting ready for the winter season...collecting their food, etc.

And animals.......................dogs and cats have been my "confidants" for as long as I remember...........if something is bothering me I just have to "tell it to my pets"......going through radiation was not fun but my "babies" made it bearable!!

Thanks again so much for this post.............................

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Great thread, I also enjoy nature, although right now dont get much of a chance to enjoy it unless I go for a walk around my neighborhood, maybe I will start doing that again, it always seems to lift my mood and spirit, especially where I live that is partly why Friendswood is called that name cause there lots of trees and nature here especially in our neighborhood and surrounding it.
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