dont know anymore

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dont know anymore

im tired of everything of being me of not being happy of being angry of being a cow of being so stupid im just plain tired of feeling the way i do i go see my therapist and lie to her the whole dang time i think she knows i am lying but who knows she could just be bored and then i do the same with my psychatrist and my family and my friends and my self heck if i could id lie to god probably i just exhausted i feel like givin up sometimes other times i think well u idiot u could just tell them how you feel but then i remember all the hospitals and rehabs iv e been to i cant go back i cant i refuse i hated being there and away from my family and my friends life infact life was better before the hospitals and doctors and therapists now it just sucks and now im popping pain pills 24/7 ididnt do that before i didnt help at all i feel like im never gonna get better and im always gonna be a dissapointmeant to everyone god i hate this !!!!
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there is a "spiritual" solution for everything...

stretch your inner beauty and you will coax your petals to open

you are a miracle and miracles await you...

one day at a time...

love J.
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You made the first step by coming here.

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I hope you're able to open up and be honest with us here. It seems a little safer to be honest since there's no face to face. I think it will help to get some of your thoughts and feelings out of your head. Glad to have you here joining us on our journeys.
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Like it's been said, you might be lying to them, but for some reason, you aren't lying to us. That's a huge step. You aren't alone with this anymore.
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Oh, sweetie, I lied to my therapist and psychiatrist for so many years and I never got better. In April I tried to commit suicide and made a pact with myself to work with them to the best of my ability, and while I have the addiction issue, my self esteem in other ways is so much better.

Please, please try to work with them and come here to be honest about your feelings. No one will ever make you feel bad because a lot of us are in the same boat.
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