fiance (or ex?) off to rehab today

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fiance (or ex?) off to rehab today

This is my first post on this site. I have had a crazy past few months. my fiance has had a rather sudden and absolutely insane addicition to drugs. i was in denial i'm sure but it still really came out of nowhere. i moved out about month and half ago-- just woke up one morning and realized something was REALLY wrong. come to find out he is doing some really serious stuff to point of being up days and hallucinations. it was easy for me to miss the drugs at first because his drinking had intensified as well. Even though i moved out and he totally pushed me away i couldn't detach. we've had hell lately.. he quit working, lost house cause landlord came by and it was filthy, someone else is taking care of even his dog. it's insane! 3 months ago he and i were on vacation and all was well. every day got crazier than the one before. he thought his mom and i were in conspiracies against him and he hurt himself badly running from people that weren't there. i feel like i am typing some lifetime movie i have watched before in disbelief. anyway, after 3 seizures in 3 weeks, 2 trips to hospital, and after he fell badly running one day the cops delivered him to his parents house. i am lost.. this is the person i really thought i'd be with the rest of my life. i've also known him for years and see what was a successful, happy full of life person. TODAY HE WENT TO REHAB for 30 days. he's been sober for a week before going in today. this is just all very new to me-- thanks for listening. it's a pretty lonely place i'm in right now.
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Put your situation in the hands of something higher up and pray for him. I know how you feel about watching a movie unfold and it has a strange effect on ones ability to see clearly. Hopefully, everything will be good and keep up your strength because you sound like you are gonna need it.

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If you like, you might check out the NarAnon forum on this board. I think you'll find lots of people in situations similar to yours.
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