Stress, anxiety, depression and Anger

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Stress, anxiety, depression and Anger

Do these feelings ever get better? I found my self yelling tonight at my 12 yr old son about his homework. was trying to help him and he was giving me a hard time so i lost it then I felt bad later. I dont know if they are related to me quitting drinking-28 days for me or if it is my old personality coming back - my personality is I am fine when things are going smoothly, but when there are problems or stressful situations I am impatient and lose my temper quickly, when i was drinking I wasnt like that but when I am not drinking this is what happens- was also yelling at husband then I also feel anxious and depressed which I have felt before when i wasnt drinking, so how long does it take to figure out if I have a depression problem or if it is cause I quit drinking? Any thoughts? or any suggestions? I am confused!
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I wish I knew that answer too. I was addicted to ephedrine for many years and now I am clean for just a little over a month and I am the same exact way plus it doesn't help that I am also going through problems with my marriage right now either. I so don't want to be on any more drugs but I often wonder if I don't need something for the depression/anxiety that I have. Hang in there!!!! I'm trying too!!!
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Oh hun, your going thru a normal stage. What works for so many people is exercise. Exercise kicks in your natural indorphins and you feel FANTASTIC. You were using before and that was your fake indorphins, go natural it works.
But most importantly talk to someone and get it all out. You'll feel free.
Good luck sweetie,
Let me know
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yea, been exercising a little bit and talk a little with my husband and mother and I already have generalized anxiety disorder and panic attacks that i take medicine for and I understand depression and anxiety sometimes go together so that is why I think I might have been depressed all these years and didny know it cause of alcohol use which would take the depression away and one of the reasons i started drinking in the first place-i dont know maybe i need to be taking something for depression-what does anyone think?
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A lot of people used drugs and alcohol to "self-medicate". I think you should talk to your doctor about it. Depression and bi-polar run in my family and effect just about everyone of us in one way, shape, form or fashion. I am fortunate that I am the depressive and not the bi-polar (although my son swears I am just like him when he pisses me off LOL!). My sponsor went through the depression thing and went on AD's for a while and then was able to get off of them as her brain straightened out so there is hope that even if you had to go on them it might not be forever just depending on what is driving the moods.

Bottom line though, talk to your doctor or find a doctor who specializes in addiction and let them use their knowledge and degrees!

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