24 Hour Recovery Connections Part 572

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bona fido dog-lover
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I'd like another sober day please.
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Checking in for 24
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24 for me
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Missed this morning but here now for 24 more.
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A lovely sunny day here in the South Bay. There seems to be a breeze everyday in the afternoon, which I enjoy. The weather person mentioned some rain on Sunday ??. I hope we down here in Southern California continue getting rain. The plants, flowers & hill sides are thriving!

24 more for me ….


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24 please
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Sobriety is Traditional
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Today was another AWESOME day sober!

8:29 PM in the San Juan Islands.
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24 more please.
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Another 24 please
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In for another 24
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At least another 24 hours for me please.
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My Own Muse
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24 more
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I’m in for another 24
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Quit 4/17/15
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In for another 24 hours please at 5:40 am.

Best wishes for a good day all!
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Signing up for 24 hours drink and drug free. 6:39am in Jacksonville, Florida.

Congratulations to all celebrating milestones today!!
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24 please
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No quitting on yer quit eh!
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“No matter how much effort you put in, if you use the wrong tools, you won’t make it.” – Unknown

5:06am in Alberta, 24 more please, and thanks...

Today is going to be a darn good day not to drink!

And a big "Thanks" to everyone who posted since I was here last!
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It's 6:11 AM and I'm in for another sober 24.
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here for 24
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