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Hello Sisi! I hope all goes well today and you manage safely until Tuesday.
Leo, Quit and Karen... sorry to hear about the massive struggle, but it is always good when we don't give up. You are working it out and finding what works for you.
Charon, I don't know what your heart problems are but those numbers you give about bpm and BP sound great! Like a professional athlete. My own resting heart rate has gone down considerably in the last few weeks, which I find a great motivator.
Kinsey, nice to hear about your family 'growth'. Life would be very boring without its own challenges.
I have just arrived from holidays. Very long drive and many strong cravings. Alcohol has been everywhere all day. It felt unbearable at times. Except for the glorious mornings hangover free. Since I used to drink around 1 bottle of wine a day, I started counting bottles I had not drank rather than days. I am telling you, there are many litres of the poison I have missed compared to last year.

Very happy to be home and to be able to read this site more often and reach for help myself.
I have only read the last few messages but will catch up with all tomorrow.
Good night from me with special thoughts as always for Dee and Venus
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Welcome sisi

I'm sorry you drank Leo - for me acceptance was key - I had to accept that alcohol and I had a toxic relationship, and that every time I drank I was risking all the things I held dear.

Sorry the family stuff is still problematic Charon.

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Checking in before my beginning my long drive home. Said good-bye to my son last night- it's great to see him happy and excited for the future.

Leo- glad to see you back. It's what we all fight, and so can all understand. Keep coming back, keep making a plan.

Welcome, Sisi! Hope you are doing well today!

Glad to see you back, Back! Great job spending a holiday sober. So many bottles of wine you have not drank!

I've been going to the vacation same destination for the past few years. I was sober on the first two vacations and not on the last one. The sober vacations were beautiful, renewing and relaxing. I soaked up everything and have so many memories! On the last trip I was tired and bored. What I remember was not that fun. What a difference sobriety makes!

I agree with Dee (of course). Alcohol doesn't work today, tomorrow, next week, next year. It's available to help me lose everything anytime I chose.

It's been much easier to abstain without having someone constantly drinking next to me this week, but it wasn't a walk in the park, either. Luckily, it's very clear that I need to be sober to set an example and provide support for my youngest son.

Hope everyone has a great sober day! Love and strength to you!
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Originally Posted by leo21 View Post
Hi classmates - so I got too confident I guess and for some reason bought groceries yesterday and grabbed a six pack. I had it all and 4 more which made me feel like total crap today and so hungover. It is such a sobering experience to lose all those days i built up. But I'm going to be positive about this and be thankful I'm here for my new Day #1. I feel bad for letting myself down and you guys as well. This thing sucks!
I don't think any relapse can take away days spent sober. If I was sober for 364 days and drank 1 I still had 364 days sober. I do not buy that AA crap that you start over from day 1. Nonsense.

And don't beat yourself up. That can just give you an excuse to continue drinking. Keep in mind all the sober days, how good it felt, how bad the day after feels. What you did once, you can do again - and longer.


Had a great SMART F2F last night. feeling good. Sunny day so I'll get some outside work done. Hope to take a bicycle ride around the neighborhood.

My cousin may or may not be visiting this weekend. His wife's mother is ill.

Also, I'm trying to decide on whether or not to pay for and go on an excursion that might be fun but not up to what I really would like. I have to decide no later than tomorrow. Guess I'll try a SMART tool - Cost Benifit Analysis and see what that tells me.

Wishing you all a safe, fun filled, happy and sober weekend.
Feeling the last 23 of 4 + 20
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Hello lovely Julyers.....I missed you.
I know, it was just the day that I wasn't on SR....after the morning yesterday.....but it felt like longer. I have been whining about sore eyes and feeling horrendous all week....I was getting worried about myself....wondering if I was creating drama because I start college next week....I was upset with myself. However, low and behold I was just sick. A knock-out bug. Man that was bad.

At almost 5 years sober I still do not recognise when I am sick. I just felt guilty all week, said to my husband over and over that I felt as if I was doing everything wrong....said it here as well....

The shadows are still there.....over 20 years of drinking and being so so ill every morning....making terrible mistakes at work because I was so hungover, if I even turned up at all.....

I feel like this was a major blessing this week. A reminder to treat myself with more love and kindness, because I am not that person anymore.

Plus, it is just so good to wake up today and feel the icky bug has left the building. Yey.


I am a big AA person, but I still don't think you lose the days, as Charon said. Not at all. As long as you make last night the lesson it was, that is. s

Amazing huh.....from sober to a six pack not being enough....we have no off switch. s

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong in the broken places..." Ernest Hemingway

"It may be raining, but there's a rainbow above you..." The Eagles, Desperado
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