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Originally Posted by Bib View Post
Thanks to you all especially MIDNIGHT - I'll do my night time check in now as I'm tired and will go to bed early (I'm in uk so it's only 6.40pm but I don't like my phone near sleepy bye-byes!)

Another night to go to sleep sober, thank you all and thank you universe for this chance

Dr prescribed more of the same, they're not meant for the purpose but the side effect is very good nights sleep. Also spoke to a counsellor and have first appointment 25 July. There's a whole can of worms about to be opened...

See you all tomorrow for another sober day
Well don Bib. Posting instead of drinking is exactly how it should work.
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Weight gain, loss, moods, etc.

I thought I would post a couple of things I have experienced - maybe it helps
someone out there. Right after you quit drinking it can either help you lose
weight - if you are someone who has the alcohol "bloat" - or it can actually
make you gain weight. That happens to me. I think it is because my cycle of
drinking red wine like crazy AND coffee like crazy - AND I exercise like crazy-
I know we have a lot of athletes here so I think you can relate. Well, think
about it: all of those dehydrate you significantly. It is hard to drink enough
water to keep up. So you weigh less. So when you cut out the alcohol you
end up are carrying more water weight, but after that your weight will
start dropping because of the reduced calories from alcohol - and the lack
of inhibition eating all sorts of lousy crap.

The other thing that happens to me, is the alcohol - caffeine - anxiety cycle.
at first drinking nothing causes anxiety, which for me is made worse by
strong coffee. But I have found that drinking tea instead doesn't cause
that anxiety cycle that leads back to the relief from it: alcohol.
So I have really found that after not drinking A for a few days I am drinking
less C and having less anxiety and the world becomes peaceful again
and you can sleep well and feel good about all your social interactions.
Not always, but it is certainly better.

Hey, we're all in this together! If there are any other Day 1ers who haven't
chimed in on the this beautiful 17th day of Julio please do so! We've got about
5 of us!!
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Today is day 6 for me so July 11th was my start date. Cannot fathom being sober the rest of my life so i will be sober today. Its 4:20p and cravings starting to hit me. 1 day at a time for me is what i have to do. Love this site. God bless you all 😎
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Day 10 and double figures.

As I've been on here for years I'm well aware of my battles with sobriety. I'm pretty confident, not exactly a happy bunny but determined not to drink. It will be in a couple of weeks when I think I'm cured that my risk is at its highest.
Sept 6th 2015
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Welcome rubaduck. MidnightRider, blondsober and spidey.

For those new to these threads - we usually close them at 500 posts and start a new part - less unwieldy that way

Part 2 starts here:

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