Class of November 2015 Part 2

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UPDATE: added Max74 :-)

Saturday 11/21/15


Gifford -15 days
Canguy -13 days
HealthyGoals -6 days
Me (KiKi) -6 days
Patricia -8 days
StrangeAngel -7 days
Pams -6 days
GoldenSands -6 days
CurlyGirl -16 days
KeepNitreal -13 days
BlackBirdFly -7 days
Noolan -2 days is awesome!
SwimKim -11 days
MeShelly -7 days
Thumbelina -22 days
Lisa247 -1 day-you can do this!
Jackie1214 -1 day-never EVER give up!
WalkTheLine-1 day-you are stronger than you think! You WILL do this!
Supertired -7 days
Jsbodhi - "in between 30 days somewhere" :-)
Max74 -21 days

*REMEMBER-all we REALLY have is TODAY...this 24 hours. It's not a race. There is no shame in starting over as long as we NEVER GIVE UP!!! There is no graduation; just a wonderful journey into the happiness and amazing life we all deserve...
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I spent the day with the family today. Lunch and a little bit of Christmas shopping. I am feeling much better. The new naturopathic supplements are amazing! And I still haven't received the ones that are suppose to help me heal my brain!

Right now I'm taking passionflower, magnesium and a hardcore dose of vitamin Bs. It's only been 2 days and I can already see a huge improvement

At some point today my husband lost it and started to yell at everybody like a hooligan...and I didn't crave a drink. I did want to slap him really bad though...but I didn't

I'm super tired right now, I couldn't sleep much last night. So I'm off to make a strong cup of chamomile tea and read a little bit before bedtime.

Have a great sober evening everybody!
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We continue here:

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