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Such a mess...Coalese

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Babies at NA Meetings? Also, Hello!

I am a new mother to a beautiful 4 month old son. I am also a rx pill addict. I have been struggling with addiction for 10 years now, since I was 14. I was clean from the moment I found out I was pregnant only to relapse about a month after giving birth. I take Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Percocets, Ativan... I know that my son needs the mommy I am without the drugs and I would do anything to be that for him. But I am powerless over my using and need more support than what I have.

When I was clean during my pregnancy, I couldn't believe how much happier I was. Life was worth living, colors even seemed brighter... Now that I'm back using I feel the depression, anger, and just general dislike of everything creeping back in.

. I want to go to meetings again. About a year ago while away from home I went to a AA meeting every day for two months and I loved the support there. There are several NA meetings that take place near where I live now and I feel like it'd be a really good idea for me to go, but I have a problem: I live an hour away from anyone who I could trust to watch my son. Would it be okay to bring him to meetings with me? Of course, I would leave if he began to cause a disturbance or anything.

I'd also appreciate any advice and support from you guys. I've been a long time lurker and I love the community here.

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I didn't mind babies at the meetings. Moms were always good about walking out if the baby got fractious, and sometimes a friend would tell mom to sit and THEY would take the baby out so mom could have some down time.

I was uncomfortable with kids over 1 though, because some of the NA meetings I attended were pretty rough.

Usually moms got together and had an older sib watch little ones in another room, but that isn't feasible for a baby in arms.

I never heard anyone complain about babies.
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I would suggest going and arriving early. I love seein people bring their youngins. tells me they want help and are willing to go to any lengths to get it.
theres also something about youngins that brings a smile to my face.
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Such a mess...Coalese

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Thank you!
I'll definately be going to a meeting soon. I'm ready for the using to be in my past.
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I asked some sober folks about that question myself. There are kids in those meetings who started going when they were infants. And what one of the members said struck me as true b/c I was guarding myself when speaking with kids in the room (I don't have kids myself.)

He said, these kids haven't heard or seen anything any worse than what people are talking about in the rooms. And most of the older ones will occupy themselves outside the rooms as they get older.

Wise words.

Take your baby...and when you are seeking for a reason NOT to go...look at your baby and remember the promise of sober life you want to give to her. If anyone has an issue w/ the child being there...then that is there problem.

I will caution you...bring the right things you will need with you to tend to your, diapers, bring a seat for the child to sit in independ of you if they can do that. (the car seat is great). It is rather distracting for a screaming child or a toddler running amok in the meeting. You can manage all that though!

There are also ONLINE meetings that are helpful too...check out the NA website for those if you can.

Good luck to are making a brave choice!
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