Step 12 - Awakening & Message....

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Lightbulb Step 12 - Awakening & Message....

I believe Step 12 is about all the principles of this Steps 1-12...We have been spiritually awaken. What does that mean? Well, I feel that being awaken is.... I can "FEEL" today...The Steps awaken my emotions not deaden them. Going through the process of these Steps I will go through various emotions. So its not about suppressing my feelings its about expressing them. Step 12 for me is Service. I'm not just talking about making coffee, speaking, or chairing a meeting...That's all good but what I'm talking about is being in the spirit of Service in this world. That can mean a whole lot more than meetings. It can mean helping an older person cross the street or maybe cleaning my neighbors front yard without him/her knowing. Or it can mean being helpful in my community. Maybe its volunteering at the soup kitchen and finally it means helping to carry the message which was given to me. So...By the time we have reached Step 12 we will know something about practicing Honesty, Willingness, Humility, Faith, Hope, Trust, Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Modesty, Gratitude, and Sharing...etc etc etc..One thing I have learned is that I will never be perfect....So its about progress. This is my experience...Nothing more. Now the work begins...With the help of God....Thanks
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For me, Step 12 means I am no longer working or practicing the program...I'm living it. It means that the "spark of life" that caught a flame when I stopped using and surrendered with the 1st Step is now a roaring inferno...I am no longer simply existing...I am alive! And as a result of living the program, credibility, consistency, love, self-acceptance and self-esteem are the pillars of my life. Service is a by-product of my spiritual journey and it is expressed in too many ways to mention. The message of NA recovery is carried in the way that I live day at a time.
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I am working on Step 12 with my sponsor. She asked me to write down my experience or some of the ways I have had a spiritual awakening. There are really too many to list! The most life changing was of course Step 1.
Right away when I admitted I was powerless the obsession to use was gone. From the moment I reached out and asked for help, my ego was totally and completely broken. That was a key point for me. My ego gave up. From then on I have experienced the most amazing transformation in the past 21 months of actively working the steps.
I used to berate myself constantly, nothing I ever did was good enough, I wasn't good enough, I hated being me. I wished I were anyone but me.
I am glad to be me today. I can honestly look in the mirror and say I am ok with who I am now. Some days I don't particularly love me, but I am ok with that too. I am even ok with my faults and know that I am just like everybody else, I just need to do the best I can and that is ok too. I can treat myself with patience, compassion, understanding and forgiveness just like I would treat my dearest friend. WOW!!
I feel freedom like I have never known. I don't have to control everything anymore. I am perfectly happy to let things happen as God intends and not fight it anymore. After all, His plans are way better than mine. I can rest easy that things will work out, and life is no longer something I need to fear.
Wow, I am no better or worse than anyone else. I am the same as everyone else, and I have no need to feel superior or inferior to anyone. In God's eyes we are all the same. That is a very freeing thought, and I don't have to be self conscious or on my guard anymore! WOW!!
If I have done something wrong I can admit it without my whole world falling apart. I can do the right thing and survive apologizing to someone that has even wronged me. I can let go of resentments and never let them rule me again. I can get angry and address it now, whereas before I had no idea how to deal with anger. I can pray for someone I am angry at because now I realize praying for them protects me from harboring bad feelings. WOW!!
I can look at others with new eyes. I see people differently now. My perspective has changed from one of paranoia and distrust to one of compassion and understanding. I can now give and not always be taking!
My God is in my corner, no matter what. Even when I make mistakes. I never thought God was there for me, but now I know He is. God never left me like I thought. I was the one that left Him. Now when I feel God isn't near, I take steps to get back in touch.

I have had an amazing spiritual awakening.

The message? It works if you work it.
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