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Brain fog...please help!

Hi everyone...I've had persistent brain fog ever since the end of March and I truly have no idea why? Here's the timeline first, though: So one night, I got extremelyyy drunk (probably bordering on alcohol poisoning) and was vomitting all night and throughout the next day. Eventually, my hangover subsided. The day after, I noticed I still felt "buzzed" in a sense...I thought maybe I was just sleep deprived so I went to sleep. Woke up still feeling "buzzed" and not totally normal. I was like "okay this is odd...maybe I'm still sleep deprived and just have alot of sleep debt?" So I tried to get lots of sleep over the next few nights and I still had this odd "buzzed" feeling. I also noticed during that week that I couldn't drink more than 1 or 2 drinks without feeling somewhat nauseous. The week passed and I was able to drink just fine...although this "buzzed" feeling continued. To this day, the buzzed feeling/brain fog still continues: memory impairment (I would ask people the same questions 2-3 times, forgetting what they had answered previously), difficulty following instructions and understanding complex things, sensitivity to the brightness of my computer screen (which neverrr used to bother me), having no sense of time (I can't tell when 5 minutes goes by, for instance), and impaired focus/concentration.

I've read this brain fog can be attributed to a bunch of different things: depression, ADD, fibromyalgia, diabetes, vitamin deficiency, etc. I've done a blood test which I guessed ruled out any issues with my liver or diabetes, and I've been prescribed Adderall which seems to only helps with the motivation aspect. But I just feel like it hassss to be connected to that one night where I got extremely drunk, because it started right after that. (I still do drink, by the way...but only socially and as much as any regular college student, I'd say)

Help please thank you!
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What is brain fog?
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Unfortunately, there are so many things the brain fog can be related to. There is no way anyone online could really do much more than make a guess as to what the cause would be. Only a qualified medical professional is really in a position to do the testing and research to find the real cause of the problem.
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I'm sure the drinking isn't helping the situation.
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I think brain fog is when you lack clarity and your memory is affected.
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brain fog

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