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Ghoster18... Gotta quit from this breath!

Sex addiction fuelled by alcohol and cigarettes.
Is it safe to open this up here?
Porn, prostitutes, chatlines always heavy drinking and smoking.
I've had different sponsors since 2009 when my first heavy **** consequences hit the fan.
I'm currently back with my original sponsor he's many years sober on all fronts. He even came to stay with me recently for a week to try to help it made me worse!
I don't get step 1 even though I Cleary am powerless over all my behaviours.
I'm here because I need to do more to help myself sober up. I've got a program and I need to work it. I talk the talk and I have written out two step 4's and shared in 5. Ive tried for years the most ive managed and it was 2010 was 90 days ever since then it's been on a repeat pattern of 6 weeks slip then 3 weeks slip and now it's just 1 week.
My tolerance levels have increased and my addiction once ignited goes and goes and goes and costs me 800 to 1000 a week.
I'm in the **** in almost every area now.
Son taken away again, job gone, night sweats heart going nuts in my chest the list goes on I'm a sexually addicted alcohol.
Most definitely trauma induced.
Tried treatment, therapy, 12 steps.
But I'm not quitting. I'm here like said earlier to bolster my defences make connections and commit to a new sober life.
Feedback would be greatly appreciated
Cheers Ghoster.
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Hi Ghoster

Have to admit I don't know much about sex addiction but my alcohol and pot addiction bought me to my knees.

I think there's a lot of trauma in most of our stories. That left me with a lot of anger guilt and fear - things that I only had one tool for - drinking and drugs.

My addictions were killing me soul first. I really didn't want the rest of my life to be like the last 20,

Finding other tools, like this website - and using them instead of using drugs and alcohol really helped me turn my life around.

If you have a willingness to change, and the determination to follow that through with action, you'll be OK Ghoster

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Posts: 32 you tried treatment, therapy and "steps" since 2009 and yet here you are still in the vortex. Perhaps "steps" and "sponsor" is not a good fit for you?

The sexual addiction/porn use possibly comes from toxic shame buried deep. It becomes a continuous cycle.

Have you ever heard of the book "No More Mr Nice Guy by Robert Glover"?

Animated book review:

"we are a generation of men raised by women and we're pissed" Fight Club
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I'll check out the book.. Thanks for that.
I'm back abstinent again I'm tryintrying a different angle of attack.
It's a self worth building action shift.
I do it for me because when I do life for me and for my benefit in a healthy sense I feel stronger and as a result my loved ones
Mum son Sis get the benefit of the healthy ripples that go out to them from my change of behaviour. That's important to me to see them benefit from my transformation.
It's just learning how to keep it going!!
Cheers guys
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