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Getting off hard drugs was easy.... why is this so hard!?

I am struggling with a battle right now. Whether or not I feel my marijuana use is problematic to my recovery. I know a drug is a drug.

I came from a very deep path of addiction. Not by family, by myself. I just worded it like that. I started young, and went hard. Til about 3-4 years ago when I moved across the country and basically changed my life around.

Now I am still smoking pot, but I am trying to "maintain" it. And I think i'm doing a good job? Although randomly i'll feel this guilt or shame overcome me, because I know I am not 100% clean. I am not letting it get worse, but it's really hard to get better.
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Coming to a place like SR you probably aren't going to get a lot of votes for the keeps-smoking-option. I won't say you shouldn't use marijuana by default, but I would if it causes problems in your life. Does it bother you? I was a happy smoker for a lot of years, always maintaining a good balance. But as the years went by I noticed I was making appointments with myself regarding marijuana and I kept breaking them. The relationship with marijuana became an unhealthy one yet the thouht of quitting frightened me. In the end I decided it was over and I joined this place and I received a lot of support here. My life didn't became a phantasy fairy land where everything is fantastic, but I do have the feeling I am getting somewhere.

Why not try it, at least for a while? The might be some great things around the corner for you.
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Welcome, recoveringlife.
In my personal experience, weed addiction can be pretty hard.
Quitting for good is the solution for me, and probably for everyone who struggles with it. I hope you find your path to recovery.
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Apologies for the late response here

Weed was hard to quit for me because it was much easier to rationalise it wasn't 'as bad' as some of my other addictions. ...

It was bad enough to take over my life and screw with things and relationships I held dear.

I was stuck on the idea 'if you lived my life you'd need something to take the edge off too'.

I found that things like exercise and balance between work and play keep me happy, content, well adjusted.... and not a slave to some drug

I've never regretted quitting.

I hope to see you around some more recoveringlife

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dilemma , help out , need advice

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