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Old 11-30-2005, 02:31 PM   #1 (permalink)

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My name is herion peom, anyone have?

Does anyone have a copy of the peom My name is herion, I did a search and all I could come up with was miss herion which was similar but not what I was looking for?
"Regret for the past is a waste of spirit"
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To Life!
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I posted this not too long ago, but, here it is again.
BTW, these are lyrics...

You need me in this life

You can't live without me

I own you

You belong to me

That's right, don't ever try to leave me

Because you can't

You can't do it

You know who I am

(Who are you? Tell em' your name*)

My name is Heroin I'm better than your medicine

I'll take your life and your soul if you let me in

There ain't a problem in this world that I can't fix

There ain't a pain that you have I can't help you deal with (X 2)

You need me you can't live without me inside you

Don't believe in negative press you've been lied to

I'm all you need in life you can't breathe without me

I'm your best friend, your lover and your family

I make you feel like you have supernatural power

I'm all you need and I'm just a brown powder

You'd steal from your own mother just to have me

Walk through the worst neighborhoods just to grab me

Sitting in a corner putting me in a spoon

Anticipating the feeling you're gonna have soon

Burning me, turning me into liquid form

It's a great habit what you wanna kick it for

You look at you, you're trembling putting me in that syringe

You're pocking your skin you're trying to get me in

You’ll shoot me through your eyelids just to get me to your brain

The faster I can go there and ease your pain

In your vein I just slither like a venoms snake and it's great

I can't wait to end your heartache

I slowly cross the blood brain barrier

Give birth to morpheme finds to open your receptors

You have a sensation; you're calling it a rush

The intensity because you had all my drug

And the faster that I find to open your receptors

The more intense the rush is, it feels even better

You might have a warm blushing in your skin

Have a dry mouth or happiness in your limbs

You might be nauseous, vomit, have severe itching

But it's worth it nothing beats this here feeling

(Chorus X 3)

You got problems in your life I can help you through it

you tried to dump me once before but you couldn't do it

You had insomnia, muscle and bone pain

Worse than when you tried to leave my cousin named Cocaine

You were vomiting, restless, had cold flashes

It's just you and me no one knows you're an addict

You're psychically dependent on me now. Don't you see that?

You would die without me in your life, believe that

I've infected your heart and collapsed you veins

I’ve done sever damage to your brain

Because of me you’ve had bacterial infections

A small price to pay that's the cost of my affection

The high is wearing of you're drowsy for a couple of hours

My affects have got your mental function all clouded

You heart rate drops you respiratory system slows

You're slowly fading as a victim of my overdose

You needed me but don't you see I don't need you

There's a lot of people in this world that need me too

I just used you like the stupid bitch you are

I left you dead in your own vomit on the kitchen floor

I didn't care about you; you're just a bitch to me

I know you cheated on me with my brother Ecstasy

We got more people to infect, you can't stop me

These rehabs and clinics people still can't drop me

I've been on a killing spree for decades now

There ain't nothing in this world gonna slow me down

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha

Yeah that's right

You can't stop me

I'm just gonna keep going

I'ma keep ending more lives, infecting more people

This ain't never gonna stop

Cause once you've had me, you can't live without me in your life

I will rule your whole world

You live for me

I own you

Hope this helps!


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Join Date: Nov 2005
Location: from Somerville Ma to Kissimmee Florida
Posts: 45
Thank you but that isn't it, I believe you told gave that to me already in a diffrent thread, it is similar. The one I am looking for is kinda like the poem MY NAME IS CRACK thank you for your response though
"Regret for the past is a waste of spirit"
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that not be what he/she was looking for but i can use it. thanks for the post.

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Is this it?

Will You Marry Me ?

Hello my dearest, and as for me
I'm from a pretty flower, the opium poppy

My real name is Heroin, I won't let you down
Because of the stigma, just call me brown

My sister lives in China, she's out of sight
She's stronger than I, her name is white

Now that you know me, let's have our first date
Once you inhale me, It will be to late

It won't be long, and we will be courting
At this point my love, you'll be tired of snorting

Starting to smoke, we're now engaged
Chasing the Dragon, He's now enraged

When we are married, on our honeymoon
I'll introduce you, to the needle and spoon

I'll then take your will, since you'll be my wife
Stay with me long, I'll even take your life

I'm your master now, do what I say
Lie, cheat, and steal for me everyday

When I'm not around, I'll share you with friends
Misery and suicide, It never ends

You better be careful, If you love to much of me
Because I'm a widower, from all the o. dees

If you try to divorce me, I'll even the score
Plan on being sick, like never before

Even if you kick me, through physical signs
I'll still be there, to play with your mind

I' ll haunt you with craving, the rest of your life
What ever you do, stay away from Christ

Through Jesus' shed blood, I'll be undone
And then we won't have all of our fun

His deliverance is sure, there is no mistake
But to save you the pain, don't start to date

Stay a chaste virgin, from me and my friends
Because I'm a lie, from beginning to end

I promised you marriage, a beautiful high
But all before you, are in prison or die

By Lawrence DuBois in "God Pod"-Yakima DOC Yakima, WA © 2000 All rights reserved in Jesus Christ
"Let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely."
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By Hope

Behold my friend I am HEROIN
Known to all as the destroyer of men.
From where I come nobody knows,
far away places where poppies grow.

I came into this country without getting caught,
and now every day I am hunted and sought.
Whole nations have gathered to plan my destruction,
they call me a breeder of crime and corruption.

I am more deadly than whiskey, more deadly than wine,
hence I am known as the scourge of mankind.
I come in a powder that's nothing but waste,
I look soft and fluffy, and bitter to taste.

I am brown, I am white, but deadly to use,
and once you're addicted, I really abuse.
I have friends in Thailand, Iraq and Iran,
I am welcome in Turkey and have been to Japan.

In cellophane wraps I soon make my way
to men in their offices and children at play.
From heads of state to the lowest of scum,
I give you my word, they'll be under my thumb.

I will take a rich man and make him poor,
and I will take a virgin and make her a *****.
I will make you selfish and fill you with greed,
regardless of color, religion or creed.

My gift is illusion, my blessing is fake.
Death and destruction follow my wake.
I am the kiss of death to all that I touch,
I start as a gift and end as a crutch.

My friends are many, but I'm loyal to none,
I've come to destroy and my work will be done.
Foolish men think I'm merely a toy,
wise men know I mean to destroy.

Run for me if you like, for I will never chase,
for sooner or later you'll return for a taste.
Once in your bloodstream you will think I'm not mean,
You'll praise me as a master, nod in a dream.

You have heard my warnings, but will not take heed,
put your foot in the stirrup and mount this great steed,
get right in the saddle and hold on real well
for the great horse of HEROIN will take you to HELL!!!

I have control over only four things in my life -- what I do, what I say, how I treat other people and how I treat myself!
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King Heroin Is My Sheperd, I Shall Always Want

King Heroin is my shepherd, I shall shall always want.
He maketh me to lie down in the gutters.
He leadeth me beside the troubled waters.
He destroyeth my soul.
He leadeth me in the paths of wickedness.
Yea, I shall walk through the valley of poverty and will fear no evil for thou, Heroin, art with me.
Thy needle and thy capsule comfort me.
Thou strippest the table of groceries in the presence of my family.
Thou robbest my head of reason. My cup of sorrow runneth over.
Surely heroin addiction shall stalk me all the days of my life and I will dwell in the house of the damned forever.

This appeared in Ann Landers' column. The twisted rewording of the beloved 23rd Psalm was found in a car with the body of a 23 year old woman, whose death was ruled a suicide from a hookup with the car's exhaust pipe. Also found was the following letter from the woman:

Jail didn't cure me. Nor did hospitalization help me for long. The doctor told my family it would have been better, and indeed kinder, if the person who got me hooked on dope had taken a gun and blown my brains out. And I wish to God he had.

I have control over only four things in my life -- what I do, what I say, how I treat other people and how I treat myself!
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Heroin is my weakness.

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These are amazing poems, and I've been looking for more involving drug addiction, eating disorders, especially heroin & self-injury. Now that I'm trying to get clean again, old addictions resurface. Like my eating disorder & my cutting has gotten pretty bad now.

So more poems, stories, whatever regarding those topics would be greating apperciate
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This is a A Baltimore Love Thing by 50 cent
I don't think it's exactly what you are looking for, but I think it describes things really well...

She loves me, she loves me not
Yeah she loves me not

[Verse 1- 50 Cent]
The fiends need me, I ain't around it, bones ache
Detox, rehab, cold sweat, watch 'em shake
I'm not that genie in a bottle, I'm in a bag
Take one hit, I slide off to the land of the H man
When we first met, I thought you'd never doubt me
Now you tryna leave me, you'll never live without me
Girl, I'm missin' you, come and see me soon
Tie your arm up, put that lighter under that spoon
Now put that needle to ya arm princess, stick it in
Relapse you back b----, don't ever try that again
All that **** I did for you, I made you feel good
We have a love thing, you treatin' this like its just a fling
What we have is more sacred than a vow or a ring
You broke my heart, you dirty bitch I won't forget what you did
If you give birth, I'll already be in love with your kids
Listen, I don't give a damn if your ass start smokin'
But we have a bond and its not to be broken

[Hook x2- 50 cent]
We got a love thing, girl you try to leave me
But you need me, can't you see you're addicted to me
We got a love thing, I can take you higher girl
F---in' with me, you can be all you can be

[Verse 2- 50 Cent]
Baby you know, on the low your sister be eyein' me
I'm good lookin', so you know, sure she be tryin' me
I heard she bisexual, she f--k with that girl
But boy, oh boy, f---in' wit me is a whole 'nother world
After that first night, she fall in love, then chased a feelin'
I hung out with Marvin when he wrote "Sexual Healing"
Kurt Cobain even good friends, Ozzy Ozbourne too
I be with rock stars, see you lucky I'm f---in' with you
I chill with Frankie Lyeman and Jimmy Hendrix crew
See this is new to you, but to me this ain't new
I live a lavished life, listen if the mood is right
Me, you, and your sister can do the do tonight
I never steer you wrong, you're hyper I make ya calm
I be the incentive and reason for you to move forward
Let's make a date, promise me you'll come and see me
Even if it means you have to sell ya mama's TV
I love you, love me back, no one said lovin' me'd be easy

[Hook x2- 50 cent]
We got a love thing, girl you try to leave me
But you need me, can't you see you're addicted to me
We got a love thing, I can take you higher girl
F---in' with me, you can be all you can be

[Verse 3- 50 Cent]
I love you, I got you barefooted on glass, chasin' a dove
That monkey on your back, symbolizes my love
Your friends talk bad about me b----, you sit there and listen to 'em
Over and over you hurt me, my love is unconditional
They talk to you when you up, you down they got nothin' to say
But when you call, I'll come runnin', I'll always take the pain away
They set you up, to let you down, they crowned you prom queen
Fiddle about me behind your back, they call you a f---in' fiend
Can we just be alone, so I can kiss and hug you
Push me inside you, no other man can loves you like I do
Call me daddy, I'll make you feel good, I mean real good
I found pleasure in pleasin' you, like a real man should
It was written long before, it was carved in a tree
Forever me and you baby we were meant to be
There's more to life than laughter, what brought us together was fate
And we'll be hand in hand, when you walk through those pearly gates
And to see to that, I'ma do whatever it takes

[Hook x2- 50 cent]
We got a love thing, girl you try to leave me
But you need me, can't you see you're addicted to me
We got a love thing, I can take you higher girl
F---in' with me, you can be all you can be

That's just my opinion, but I could be wrong!
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My name is heroin

My name is Heroin

Hi my name is heroin my victims call me tai
I was created by Satan himself and i'll get you high
The day you meet me your love for me will rain
As I rush throught your every vein

Loving me is expensive
When I am all you want to feel
suddely with out me you cannot live
and you lie,cheat and steal.

Soon you will discover
that your brand new lover
wants more than your money, I WANT YOUR SOUL
and then you end up in a hole

Even if you claw and scratch your way out
you will come bact to me without a doubt
You wull want me with all that you are an if you cant sya no
back to your hole you will go.

As relationships go ours must be the worst
for a moment we are great friends,
but then you are cursed
when that moment ends

I have more power than anyting on earth
nothing in greater than me
I take your soul and selfworth

A great battle they have fought
with great inner strenght they overcame me
at any cost their freedom they sought
and they set THEMSELVES FREE

If you can overcome my haunting
with no more dragons to chace
you can achieve anything
for no harder challenge you will ever face

So my name is Heroin and I am as evil as can be
unfortuantely for mankind I am here to stay
If I have never had the pleasure for you to meet me
Thnt I never do you should pray.
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My name is heroin

My name is HEROIN
I destroy homes and tear families apart, Ill take your children and that's just the start. More costly than diamonds, more costly than gold, the sorrow Ill bring is a sight to behold, if you need me remember I'm easily found, I live all around in your schools in your town, I live with the rich I live with the poor I live down the street and maybe next door, my power is awesome try me you......ll see, but be warned if you do you'll never break free, try me once and I might let you go, try me twice an ill own your soul, when I possess you you'll steal & lie and do what you must just to get high, crimes you'll commit for the narcotic charms, youll lie to your mother and steal from your dad, youll see their tears but wont feel sad, you'll forget your morals and how you were raised, Ill be your conscience, Ill teach u my ways, Ill take kids from their parents and parents from kids, turn people from God heaven forbid, Ill take everything from you your looks and your pride, Ill be with you always right by your side, you'll give up everything your family your home, your friends your money you'll be all alone, Ill take & take till you have nothing more and when I'm finished you'll be lucky to live, if u try me be warned this isnt a game, given the chance Ill drive u insane, Ill ravish your body and control your mind, Ill own you completely your soul will be mine, nightmares Ill give as you lay in your bed, voices you'll hear from inside your head, sweats & shakes bad visions you'll see, I want you to know these are all gifts from me, and when its too late youll know that your mine, you'll regret that you tried me that very first time, you came to me and not I to you, you knew this would happen, surely not to you? You challenged my power, you chose to be brave, you couldve said no and just walked away, if you could live that day over what would u say? Can i be your master will you be my slave? I promise ill stay with you and on to your grave.
So now that youve have met me what will u do? Will u try me or not? Its all up to you, Ill bring you more misery than words can ever tell, come take my hand......Ill lead you through hell. so true
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