Things that help me

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Things that help me

I have an Acer Iconia tablet.

There are many free apps in the google app store for self hypnosis, guided relaxation etc. They are available for ALL android devices, chances are my insomnia is whacked on the head within 30 minutes and I am asleep listening lol.

Also practicing meditation has been good for me. You can get guided meditation for free online and on apps, but DO NOT PAY, so much of it is free, even YouTube offers hours of relaxation stuff, sounds like birdsong, waves, guided meditation etc.

When hubby is on nights I let my darling best friend, my cat sleep with me and he gently kneads my feet while purring, which soon sends me off to sleep. He knows when I am asleep and goes to sleep himself.

AVOID caffeine after 2pm, be careful as caffeine is sneaky, it can come in many teas and coffees of course, but also in many drinks.

TRY to avoid nicotine at least three hours before bed, this is in ecigs and tobacco, of course if you are smoking tobacco, try to give up, you can use ecigs for this.

AVOID sleeping meds unless your doctor has told you you need them and this will be short term.

Make your bedroom a place for sleep, remove TVs from the bedroom.

Have a 'wind down' hour, I usually do this by listening to music or watching non stimulating programs on my laptop or tablet PC.

Get into a good book, reading winds your brain down.

Listen to an audiobook, I began listening to brave new world and was asleep before even the first chapter was done lol so I have to begin again!

Beware of other meds, check all side effects and if they are prescribed, don't stop taking them but discuss this with your doctor.

Different things help different people, just try what works for you
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