Really vivid dreams, both of us

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Really vivid dreams, both of us

Ok the womanfriend and I have been dating for a while. We are binge drinkers and we have made serious effort to keep it to a dull roar in each others company whether at her house or mine. We love to cook but keep it light, no dairy or spicy stuff on the nights we have our dates.

We have noticed from night one (after lovemaking( can I say this?) very intense lovemaking ) we both are having seriously vivid dreams and other things. Like, she will wake up and say something or lick/bite me and fall back fast asleep ( she snores, so I know she is crashed) And sometimes She will heat up to what feels like 120 degrees and I can't spoon up with her and have to get on the other side of the bed because of the heat. We talk about what we dreamed of and perhaps why we dreamed it.

My theory is that we are so comfortable with each other, that our brains just let go and fly away while our bodies lay limp.

We are in our early forties. We sleep naked and are really comfortable with each other in that regard.

Is this from the lack of alcohol? Because we make serious effort to keep the drinking to a minimum. Complete trust and comfort?

Thanks and I hope I didn't put TMI out there, lol.
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