Hope in a Nightmare

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Hope in a Nightmare

I just thought I'd share this crazy dream I've been having while struggling through my withdrawals. So I've been addicted to tramadol for a few months now. In the past couple weeks I've been weening off the pills and with the withdrawal I can't really sleep. When I do I keep having a reoccurring nightmare. I'm at my parents house in the dream and I walk into their back yard. For some reason there is a giant forest fire in the yard at the bottom of a hill. I trip and start rolling down the hill into the fire. As I lay in the fire I kept screaming for help but no one would ever come. After what seemed like an hour I finally got the strength to crawl out of the fire. At the end of the dream I was walking down the street. My skin was completely burnt and I could barely walk but I was doing the best I could with all the strength I had.
This dream terrifies me because the burning from the fire is so intense that it's all I can think about when I first wake up. But it also gives me a little bit of hope that maybe it's a sign that I might just pull through.
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