Sleep paralysis?

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Sleep paralysis?

I posted this on another forum because I did not even realize there was one devoted to sleep issues. apparently many alcoholics have them? My questions is which came first? Has anyone here experienced sleep paralysis which is what it sounds like he is having, and is there a connection to alcohol abuse?

My AH has always had trouble sleeping, staying asleep and when he does sleep he has disturbing nightmares. I have always suggested he talk to the doctor and see if he should have a sleep study done. I know sleep deprivation can lead to other health problems such as hypertension and even depression. I also know that alcohol interferes with normal sleep and deep sleep. It could explain a great deal. I just had a phone conversation with my husband and he brought up the fact that he is having some strange experiences. His father died a few weeks ago. He started with "Don't think I have gone off the deep end". Too Late honey. He says that he keeps having nightmares where he feels like he is being touched. He says he swears he feels like he is being poked in the chest, the feet, the back and even like he is being held down. He is wondering if it is his father trying to get his attention. I am all for being open minded to other worldly experiences, in fact I believe I have experienced a few but I wonder what this is really all about? Could it be another symptom of the alcohol? My son tends to have weird dreams when he drinks as well. I just never heard anyone talk about this related to alcohol abuse.
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I have had it but even as a child so it is not alcohol related. It is where I would wake up and know I was awake but could not move a muscle..very scary. I am not sure but it ended in extreme panic and I would finally come out of it flailing around. I have had it like maybe 3 times in my life. Don't even like talking about it. Never want to experience it again. I don't know what causes that..or if it is something others have had but do not talk about? I don't remember dead relatives visiting tho...
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I agree with MsCB. I've had sleep paralysis twice, but there were no other particular sensations.... aside from being awake (eyes open etc.) yet unable to Ms said, it's scary.

It's possible though, to awaken from a dream and very briefly still feel what you feel in the dream. I awoke once from a dream and swear I "saw" the guy that was in my dream for a split second....(he's still alive, though).

Sometimes strange sensations, even hallucinations, can be associated with withdrawal, but it does seem like that would be repeated and/or associated with dreams.......

IDK - my grandmother saw my grandfather after he had passed...... I think anythings' possible......
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I have had night terrors and sleep paralysis for years, decades even. Mine were not triggered by drugs or alcohol, but by stress. Stress about recent past events or upcoming events... The night terrors and paralysis lasted for days or even weeks (and it's exhausting!) until I was finally able to figure out and work through that particular stressor. For instance, one bout I had was right before I graduated from college...and had no idea where I wanted to go with my life after that. When my conscious mind worked through it, my subconscious mind finally let me rest, and sleep.
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I've experienced sleep paralysis twice. Not since quitting drinking. I don't know if there's a relationship, but I'm sorry your husband is dealing with this! It is truly terrifying.
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