Xanax 4 sleep?

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This is just my opinion.
But it might help to not look at things like that.

Xanax doesn't have to be as addictive as you're convincing yourself that it is.
I mean, what is it about xanax that could be so addictive?
The fact that you might start to rely on it to sleep?
Because it doesn't give you a buzz.
It just makes you tired.

So even if you become dependent on it to sleep, it's not like an opiate that you'll sell everything you own for.
It's not gonna make you lose everything you care about.

So just take it easy with it.
If it helps you sleep for the next week or so while you're adjusting to life without marijuana, that's a good thing.
If you convince yourself that you're gonna end up addicted to it, then you're sabotaging yourself.
Life is a mirror that reflects back at you what you think into it.
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From our rules.

10. Medical Advice: No Posts giving medical advice, medication advice, or psychiatric advice. Do not use the forum to give or ask for professional medical or psychiatric advice. If you are a medical professional, please remember the forums and chat are for peer support only and not to be used for distributing professional medical advice and/or using the forum to represent your professional services. Medical and Psychiatric advice includes giving a diagnosis, treatment plan, medication advice and dosage suggestions, over the counter and natural home remedies that should be approved by medical professionals. Detox can be dangerous and life threatening at times. Please consult with your physician.

I know it's risky using this stuff(extremely addicting) but if I took say, .25 mg on those sleepless nights, would that be alright?
This a question we can't answer. You'll have to seek advice from your physician.

indo, please start a new thread to seek support that doesn't involve questions about medication.

Thank you,
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