Nicotine Patch Nightmares!!!

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Nicotine Patch Nightmares!!!

I've had some crazy dreams when I started using the patch. Last night was no different...

Some are so vivid and horrifying, other are more like "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

I love to share some "Nicotine Patch Dreams" with someone. I have tons, and I remember many of them vividly.

Last nights was about armageddon... my town was burning, low flying planes everywhere, people crying out. The smell of death... even in my dream the smell was overpowering. I was trying to find someone, and I just couldn't get to them. Even the strange little girl I was with was trying to stop me from my task, slowing me down. She was an evil little girl come to think of it. When I got to where I was going, she called to Army on me, and I had to run before I could get to whoever I was trying get to. Then I woke up

Anyone else? If not, I have more...
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Hi Mithra, I was just looking through the new posts and saw this. Last time I tried to quit smoking I experienced the same thing...very vivid dreams and nightmares. I am pretty sure this is common with the patch, especially the higher dosages. HTH.
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I showed up here late-

I'm from the nicotine forum, I quit smoking 1/1/08 using no nicotine replacement, but I quit a bunch of times before that with the zyban and hypnosis, chewing tobacco, and this time cold turkey

every single time I had crazy crazy dreams, like my kids changing heads with each other, being attacked by giant lizards, my wife going on a killing spree and asking me to hide her from the cops and all sorts of horrific accidents, falling off buildings, car crashes, etc

The point being I suspect it might be the lack of smoking that does it...

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When I quit smoking a few years ago, I used the patch and found that I also had VERY intense dreams every night. I'm pretty lucky as I rarely have "nightmares" but some of these nicotine-inspired dreams were a bit over the top (i.e. far more vivid than the usual nonsense dreams). Never had one of the end of the world though...that must have been pretty wild.
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I quit smoking 15 years ago with patches, and loved the lucid dreaming with total recall I would have. 5 yrs ago someone left patches at my place, and now I'm trying to quit patches.....
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LOL, I've got to add to this thread.
I have some old patches, over 5 years old. Seems they release alot of nicotine quickly rather than over 24 hours.
Anyway, I've been putting them on prior to going to sleep cause my biggest trigger time is on awaking.
I've had hideous realistic! Stuff movies are made of and usually I can't recall a dream...but with the patch...I can!
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omg! After reading these posts, I have decided to forego the patch on this upcoming attempt to quit. My dreams over the past 2 months have been vivid and really complex, and the recall has been somewhat amazing.

If going on the patch might increase my REM state, ick! No frakking way!! Methinks that I shall continue on my journey of writing the Steps and do the cold turkey method once more.

.. ..
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Just take the patch off before you go to bed! Set your alarm for like, an hour earlier than you usually wake up and put another one on. They work for 24 hours but they do mess with sleep if you leave em on through the night...

K that's all
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Ha ive had the same effects with the patch. CRAZY DREAMS.
Mostly dreams that id wake up and go trough my morning routine, and then id actually wake up and be EXTREAMLY confused and agervated that i had to go through the whole thing again lol
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I like having those dreams. I have only had one nightmare on them and that was the last I ever want to have with a patch on.

I have tried to focus on something intensely before falling asleep to make me dream it, but it never worked.
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I also tried the nicotine patches and I had totally messed up dreams and nightmares as well.

Taking the patch off before bed didn't work for me either.

What eventually did work for me was using the patch for the first few days, to break the association of nicotine craving with cigarettes. After a couple days, I switched to the 4mg gum.

Gum for me has worked great and I'm 4 years cigarette free. Although now I'm trying to quit the gum! :rotfxko 2mg. Actually since I stopped drinking a few days ago, I havn't used a piece of gum.

The nice thing about gum is that you use as much as you need, and when you spit it out, your mouth clears the nicotine quickly. With the patch, even when you take it off, the residue still administers the nicotine. This is a big problem, since you need your nicotine replacement for the crucial after work time, but using the patch in the evening can lead to nightmares!

The other problem I had with the patch was it would make my heart race. Scary stuff.

Anyhoo, try the 4mg or 2mg gums. Try the non flavored kind first. I found the mint and orange gum made me chew it way too much.

Good luck with your quits!
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OMG when I used the patches, WOW what dreams. And yes so vivid and they were the only dreams I could remember. Just got Chantix from doctor and took first dosage today. Don't know what the future will hold with these pills now.
Any info would be appreciated.
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Yes I also had dreams and nightmares on the patch. I tried taking it off a few hours before I went to bed.
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Nicotine patch dream

Yes I had a similar issue. My first night on the patch, I had a dream that the twin towers were newly built and they had a college in it that I was going to. I was touring the cvs on the first floor of the tower and me and mom were ecstatic they had a Mac makeup counter. The elevators were very small inside the building, only two people could fit in one. The elevators could travel through Brooklyn and the upper eastside, pretty much all throughout the city. After pressing in a random number on the claustrophobic elevator, it took me to the Brooklyn bridge, and the friend I was with decided to walk into Brooklyn. I stayed on the bridge, and out of nowhere a mess of firetrucks appeared on the bridge. I started talking to an attractive firefighter on the bag of one of the firetrucks rig. He told me that there was an attack on the newly built trade centers, even worse than the one that occured in 2001. I realized why my friend had told me to take the elevator to the Brooklyn bridge and why she ran to Brooklyn. Than my dream ended. The scary part of having vivid dreams is that you can remember absolutely everything, even things you don't want to.
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Welcome to SR Alex

Yes I only fell asleep with a patch on once - very vivid disturbing dreams...of course I was drinking and whatever else back then too...

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Ya the patchd reams (as well as Chantix dreams) are the worst. They feel so real. For two months while I was on Chantix, I slept voluntarily on the couch, because my biggest fear was that I'd have a nightmare so real , and hurt my wife or something.
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Ha ha! I'm loving this! I am on patches and I LOVE THE CRAZY DREAMS! It's like being on drugs! (Well it IS being on drugs I guess) but I am having a ball with this. FANTASTIC! Entertainment all night! I don't ever get nightmares! Just crazy fun vivid dreams
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Crazy Dreams

Yes I think I might record my and make a bundle off of them.
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I just started the patch again last night, and I already knew what was coming!

I had a total of 3 very vivid dreams:

One was of me in Vegas with my friends. In my dream blog this is what I jotted down:
Las Vegas- Biggie/Eugene
Danny Was Bartneder at Marquee
Met 3 Korean Fobs
Eugene Jumps into the Bellagio Fountain

My second dream was when the world was taken over by Robots & and I had to defend the world. In my dream blog this is what I jotted down:

Battle Zone
Robots War
I made a Robot that I can go into
Fully under my command
I was able to control every single detail of the robot
Kyle vs Me

My third dream was when my sister invited Us (my brother my sister) to a new Church gathering: In my dream blog this is what I jotted down:

Goes to new Church
Guy on the bike telling me he is late for "The Sacrifice"
Lady in black dress with a hoodie with Gauze covering her face!
Group of 30 so men in one line shooting into the woods (Some kind of ritual)
women greets me and sits me down with my sister and brother
Jayson and Sky is there
Videos of people killing each other
Videos of little tiny iron man figures killing animals
Three Japanese girl behind us. The pastor orders us to insert certain objects with injections in them into one of the Japanese girls. Two of her friends holding her down while my sister inserts these objects.
My brothers tells me that they are crazy psychos and this is a cult. Declines his chair and goes to sleep!
Me and my sister lite up a cigarette. We are both thinking WTF!
Then I wake up!

The last dream might seem like it was super scary, but I actually knew I was in a dream during the time so I was just going with the flow.
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Oh my god, I had such an intense nightmare just now that I had to research this at 4am. I forgot to take the patch off at night again (last time was a nightmare too but not so horrific). I dreamt that I was in a cabin with these strangers and the one guy (something like the clockwork orange guy) tried to force me to give him oral, and I was screaming and no one could hear me. Eventually when I finally made a break to run away, he followed me and stuck a make shift heroin needle in my back.

I woke up after anything way worse, but holy god! Never wearing a patch at night again. Its ok if you take it off, but remember to take it off or else!! :-\
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