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Old 11-14-2006, 10:17 PM   #1 (permalink)

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Benadryl Addiction and Sleepless Nights

Man, I have been addicted to Benadryl for about a year (taking it 3 times a week or more) and I seem to not be able to sleep without it anymore. And when I do fall alseep, it takes FOREVER. And this is really strange for me, I am the one who sleeps really easily.

Yet another reason why I need to quit the Benadryl ASAP so I can get my life back. And my sleep back too.
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Benadryl is the real "sleeper" OTC wonder drug. It has a relatively low potential for abuse according to several pharmacology books. It is considered a mild sedative. Diphenhydramine, the active chemical in Benadryl, tends to activate the psychological addiction rather than the physiological aspect. Translation: a person might feel like they need to take it when they really don't, just to help them sleep.

I tend to get hooked on it periodically. You might want to speak with your doctor about a prescription for a different medication. Melatonin might be a good alternative too, but only when your sleep cycles seem irregular.

*I'm neither a physician, nor a pharmacist. So it's best to get a professional opinion.*
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bobgoatse (10-10-2016)
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It's ruined my life...

I started taking Benadryl about 5 years ago. At first, I took 2 every once in a while to help me sleep. I started having problems at home and began taking 2 every night. 2 eventually stopped working so I upped the dosage to four.
I am now taking 15 every night just to be able to sleep. If I don't take them, I vomit blood, and feel HORRIBLY sick to my stomach.
I have had three kidney infections, two of which hospitalized me, in the past couple of months... I'm absolutely miserable in every sense of the word. I feel trapped and bound to the drug. I don't even know where to begin to make it stop. This isn't a very common addiction. Any suggestions?
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I would suggest medical help Kitty, ASAP. I probably don't need to ell you how bad that all is, since your living it. It sure does sound bigger than message board help at this point though. Get medical help to stop, and get your body back together, and then we can work on the after care, support, and mental struggles.

Please keep posting though and let us know how you're doing.
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Wow, I've actually found someone with the same addiction as me.

I've successfully (so far) kicked my dryl habit, but I keep filing that void this something else, like xanax or alcohol. Damn me and my addictive personality.

My advice to you is that since it is that bad, get medical attention immediatly. It's not a very common addiction but it DOES exist, so please go get help.

I wish you all the best.
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I take liquid, childs, benedryl for allergies and it makes me sleepy so I try to use it at night only. I know it is not a narcotic and not physically addictive, so perhaps it is a form of mental addiction?

Perhaps trying some melatonin, a nautral sleep aid, instead may help.
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Stop ruining your life, please don't take them anymore because you are hurting yourself and the people who care about you. Ask for some help i'm sure you'll get it.
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I have a nightmare about sleeping for lack of a better way to put it. Been sober six months now and not long ago went 10 days with 10 hours of sleep and most of that 15-20 minutes at the time. I started my great 20 year drinking binge because I could not sleep in college. Took melatonin and still do, probably not the best to take it in the morning but it stops all the 1000 monkeys in my head and lets me concentrate on one thought. It's not hard for my mind to kick it out late at night if someone calls and gets my brain working again. But I did find relief in therapy. She said she was going to hypnotize me but I would not be asleep and would remember. For the first time in months I'm now sleeping, not as good as I would like but I'm sleeping in 4 hours chunks of time.
Some people told me to take benedryl but I went with melatonin since it had the exact same structure that the brain produces. I'm a true addict, you got it, I'll do it. I just liked the feeling. Yes I'm gods favorite drunk and alcohol was my oxygen, but when I wanted to be high I turned to drugs. So I was very hesitant to put anything in me that I could mentally or physically become addicted to. I'm moving off the mel to some other herbal sedatives that keep me calm during the day. Stress is something I don't handle well now that I'm sober and I do all I can to avoid it. I'm not saying that what works for me works for everybody but I had to get over being afraid to sleep as when I do terror dreams usually are there. Thats another thread but keep trying to find your solution. It took me months, and I swore I would never go to therapy that I could fix my own head. Well I can't. I wish you the best, just know that there are many others like you out there and we all just want a nights sleep. On a final note, I had clean sheets last night and they made me feel good. Re-arranging the bedroom is next. I'll try anything ya got, LOL.
Hope you sleep well,
Glad to wake up here, it beats where I was waking up.
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I too am addicated to benadryl i take 9-12 50mg or more a day. how did you fight the withdrawl symptoms? I have been soo sick any suggestions...
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I wanted so much to take some benadryl to fight this cold and get some sleep, but decided not to.

I didnt want to end up posting an addiction thread thereafter.

One time, I became a nasal spray junkie long after the cold and nasal congestion cleared. Nasal congestion became artificial and I was using just to keep clear.

Needless to say, it took a few days of suffering congestion to come off the stuff and clear naturally. Whew, what a bummer that was.

Naaaa, I think I'll ride this one out.
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My psychiatrist prescribed Vistaril. It is the calming ingredient in benadryl without all the meds. Works well for insomnia.
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um, my pharmacist said i could take Benedryl for sleep, my doc agreed - they are both aware of my addiction problems. so now i am in trouble with Benedryl? i should not take it?

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My Dr. said Benedrly is non addictive, and safe if used correctly. I take them frequently because I can't sleep. I never take more then 2.

My Dr. had me on Trazadone and I felt so drugged up one night I couldn't even make it up the stairs. So no more prescription sleep meds for me.
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Kris47 (03-28-2015)
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Benadryl is what I used to call my "booster" drup--it enhances the effect of benzodiazipines and opiates. I wonder if the MDs who think this drug is safe, know any drug addicts? I would take 6 of them along with 4 MG clonazapam and 50 MG Methodone and couldn't walk.

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I've been taking benedryl for the last couple days to sleep thru my withdrawal symptoms. at least I'm not shaking like a leaf and my heart isn't pounding anymore. I"ll just take it to get thru withdrawal and then stop. thanks for the words of warning.
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Hello. I'm new here. I've been fairly addicted to benadryl for the past few months. I take it because I can't sleep and don't like being awake to think all my depressed thoughts. I take four or so a night. Sometimes I take four or so a few times a day.

I haven't taken it in two days. I'm noticing a weird fluttering feeling in my chest. I can't sleep because I feel like my chest is going to explode. It doesn't just feels weird. I also can't stop coughing. Is this a symptom of withdrawal?
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Welcome to SR and our mental health forum, Biff.

I would recommend your contact your doctor as you may have something medical going on causing your symptoms.
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I'd like to second the melatonin. It's what alot of OTC sleep meds use as their active ingredient but they throw 10 other things in it and charge $7 for 10 pills.

I'm someone that even prescriptions never helped but OTCs always did. Tylenol PM, Benadryl and all of that stuff can crush different parts of your body and my liver is still not speaking to me after the alcohol abuse. I just want us to get back on speaking terms and shoving PMs every not will not help.

Melatonin is alot better for you and it's natural. I believe melatonin goes up naturally in your body when it's night time, causing your sleep cycle.

*Again, not a doctor. Ask yours.
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Stop the Benadryl.
I have been working 3p-3a the last couple of months. I would from time to time take Benadryl, then the dosage starting going up. Well that tells me I am building a tollerence, SO, I go to my MD and she gives me Ambien. Not everyone can take it. I have 10mg and break them in half. It works like a charm. Awake one minute, asleep the next. I also took these all through HepC treatment while on Interferon and Ribavirin. There is no floaty funny feeling, just sleep straight through the night.

I am an RN and I can't tell you how many RNs I work with that take up to 250mg benadryl a night to sleep. 250mg that is 10 25mg pills... they are lucky they even wake up.
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I am used to taking a single 25 mg dose on nights I wasn't drinking just to gently help me get to sleep. I've just now awoke to my day 5 after 50 mg got me only an hour's worth of sleep

I'm going to try a couple more (2x25 mg) to try and get a few more winks, hoping it will help me through my withdrawls. Of course, if I could get past teh anxiety and panic attacks, I probably could get some good sleep.

I don't even know what my piont is, other than I want some more sleep. Just sayin'...
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