Emotions are coming back....

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I used to work here ;)
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Emotions are coming back....

Its funny through the holidays I think I must have stuffed my emotions plus the doctor gave me paxil for my depression to help me through. I am still taking the paxil but lately I have been feeling low.

I guess the clincher is that my sisters mother in law died yesterday, quite suddenly and unexpectly like my Fred. I guess it brought back all the memories of when it happened and has me thinking again. I need to be there for my sister and brother in law but it seems every time I talk to them I cry. I know that is okay but I am sure it can't be too comforting for them.

I miss him so terribly. I want him back
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It's okay to let those emotions flow. Good days and bad, we're here with a hug ready.

Heart to Heart Hugs
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Right after my Dad died, my sister's SO's mother died.
She said it was like going through it all over again.
Sometimes, life is grossly unfair.
As always, you are in my thoughts and prayers.
Lots of love,
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Morning Glory
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I'm sorry and wish there was something I could do to help. It just hits like huge waves. Terrible, terrible pain.

I'm hugging your heart.

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Debbie, I am so sorry. Please know that you're are surrounded by the love and hugs of all your friends here at SR. I know it doesn't make it easier. But we lift you up in our hearts, praying for comfort and peace, as it comes gradually.
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(( Debbie ))

Thought's and prayers are with you..Trish
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Sending warm hugs your way...

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Just sending a hug to you Debbie Mo
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I'm sorry for this pain being relived again. I've been thinking of you alot lately, wondering how you've been. Please know that the first year is the hardest. Each occassion is the first without our loved one. Each occassion will bring up the loss that you are feeling again. That is normal. It is why many suggest not to make any (more) major changes in your life this first year. You have to process this change first.
Please know that we are all here for you, thinking of you and praying for you. Praying for the return of your serenity.
Shalom, Debbie!
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I used to work here ;)
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Thank you all for thinking of me and all your kind words. I guess some days are worse than others. On the whole I guess I am doing okay (I think I stay busy to not be reminded) but there is the quiet, alone time that gets me thinking and makes me cry. I know some day I will be able to think and smile instead of think and cry but still almost 4 months later I still can't believe he is boys (Sam the lab and Dodger the poodle) are still looking for him too.

Oh well, I guess I rambled enough....thanks for listening and thanks for being here. Know that I love you all and send you many hugs.

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My prayers go out to everyone who is grieving.I know the feeling.I have been there.Here is a link.I hope this helps. Click to listen
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Thanks for the lovely webpage link. . Time2 Surrender. .Debbie hope you are feeling better Hugs Mo
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