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I lost my husband in July he was only 35 and now I am receiving Christmas cards addressed to him. Does anyone have any ideas of what I should do?
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Impurrfect (12-13-2011)
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Please accept my sympathy in the loss of your husband. Prayers of comfort to you and all who loved him.

That must be painful to receive those cards and hard to know what to do ~ the only suggestion I could think of was to maybe have a standard short card with his obit info on it with a note Thank you for thinking of us at this time of year, we miss him and appreciate your prayers - sincerely, Mrs. _______ and family.
and maybe send that to the return address . . .

Or you could just do nothing - what ever you feel appropriate -

Again prayers of comfort for you and yours,
"Never let me imagine that my satisfaction with life depends on what someone else may do." ODAT in Al-Anon pg 234

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Impurrfect (12-13-2011)
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Just lost my brother...

I stumbled upon this post and I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you. Christmas is only 5 days away and I lost my younger brother last week. It was very sudden and unexpected. The whole famuily is numb.

Somehow we managed to get our tree up with a few ornaments sprinkled around but the presesnts remain unwrapped and I just can't find the "umph" to do much. The funeral is tomorrow and I'm hoping that when we get passed that I can start to change geers. I have a family and I want very much to "have a Christmas".

If anything, I feel like this has taught me that life is too short to let anything pass by. You have to grab those opportunites for joy, love and memories whenever you can. You never know when it might be your last chance.

May you all find PEACE this Christmas.
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Katyrose (12-21-2011), MsPINKAcres (12-24-2011)
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justmeandmy3, so sorry for your loss.

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Count me in. We're all in it together.

If Life made sense, men would ride sidesaddle
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Thanks. My husband died seven years ago and it is still very difficult. My kids and I tried many of those suggestions. This year we are not doing Christmas...but I think we do do the prayer with the candles. Thank you. Merry Christmas.
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MsPINKAcres (12-24-2011)
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i dont know where to start my high school sweatheart joined the military trying to run from drug adiction she was stationed in germany and came home for christmas, i had moved out of our house together and went to live with my mother with my son, she was picked up at airport by her mother and went to her house almost an hour from mine. her mother had left to go to tennesse,we were in nc, so she was there alone and wanted me to come pick her up, i told her it was so late and i had been drinking, it was xmas eve, i will come first thing in morning i told her, i wanted to go i missed her so much, i was in love with this girl since the first time i saw her in sixth grade, she could do no wrong in my eyes, she was my world, any how i could not reach her the next morning, i went to her moms, i broke in to find her dead she died from cardiac arrest due to a meth overdose. when i didnt come she said the hell with it and called an old dealer. i was 26 when it happened and im now 32 i cant seem to get over it,it seems ever since her death i have destroyed everything positive in life, theres not a night i dont dream of her. ijust cant seem to get my life back, i cant seem to make any relationship work.i dont know what to do, i would just like to talk to someone who can relate
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silentrun (08-17-2014)
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I lost my mum when I 27 the last week in November and now it has been nearly 5 years and I don't think I'll ever be over it my mum was Christmas it has always felt hollow since I have a gf but no kids so it is just been horrible if I'm honest I had my first sober Christmas last year and it was just empty Iwas smiling so not to look sad but it is just a horrible time for me

One day who knows it might change ?
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Pondlady (03-30-2016)
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My mom passed away last November after a fight with ovarian cancer, she lived alone and I moved in to take care of her for the last year or so, I was the one there every day to help her with everything from doctors appointments to going to the bathroom, she devoted her entire life to raising my brother and I and I felt I owed her way more than I could ever do to help her, she always felt bad that I spent my time helping her, I always felt like I could never do enough to repay her for all she had done for my brother and I, her birthday is tomorrow and I didn't even remember until my brother reminded me a few days ago, on the holidays I don't really feel the loss any stronger, I feel a very very strong hole in my life, she was one person I know truly truly loved me for me but I read so many stories of certain days triggering loss and I don't feel that and I don't know why, it does feel like I have a hole in my life every single day but events don't seem to matter. I am not really posting for any reason other than wondering if anyone else feels the same way after a loss. My brother goes to the cemetary quite a bit, I have only been there once since the funeral and I basically cried for a day after, I remember her every day, some days more than others but events don't seem to hold more weight, it's mostly seeing things that had significance in our relationship or thinking about her for some reason.
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