Morning Gratitude ~ Part 83

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Grateful for our veterans

Grateful for people who give back
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grateful for another week of new adventures
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grateful to be a veteran....grateful to my sons, late mother and father for being wartime veterans...grateful to have a choice to live sober.
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Grateful to remember all who served and for brunch with my veteran family members. Thank you!
Grateful for the restaurants providing free meals for veterans.
Grateful for sobriety and recovery!
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Community Greeter
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Grateful for all our treasured veterans.

Grateful for a beautiful sunny day. Praying for Californians!
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Congrats, Inchworm!
Grateful for our Veterans
Grateful for everything I have
Grateful for my sobriety and that I never have to drink again
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Grateful for waking up sober
Grateful for laughter and grateful for tears
Grateful for all of my friends here on SR
Grateful for a washing machine and a dryer in my home
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Originally Posted by Gilmer View Post
What is an Aspen collar, Free?

Here is an image I found on the Internet. They are very restricting and very uncomfortable. I need to wear it 24 seven except to take it off to take a shower. For six weeks minimally and then for several hours a day for about three months.
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Grateful to the veterans and men and women in military service to my country.
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Don't you just love the cheerful, uplifted smiling face on the model?

What a farce!

You seem to be handling it with a lot of grace, though, Free!
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Time For A New Thread.

Continues Here: (Morning Gratitude ~ Part 84)
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