Bedtime Gratitude ~ Part 56

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Grateful that I made a new friend today
Grateful that my confidence is gradually increasing
Grateful to have a busy schedule through Saturday night
Grateful for new clothes
Grateful for faith
Grateful for netflix
Grateful for South Asian food
Grateful for summer
Grateful for laughter
Grateful for good music
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Grateful that I don't drink anymore.
Grateful to acknowledge that everything is ok in my life.
Grateful that I have all that I need.
Grateful that I can resist the things I want but don't need.
Grateful for my health, my dogs, my work, and my family.
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Grateful to have one speech done! *****!!
Grateful to feel content
Grateful for this thread
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Grateful I found this website and forum
Grateful I can show up for my family
Grateful I have the willingness to reach out
Grateful to be able to sit through these feelings
Grateful for the gift of awareness!!
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One Day At A Time
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Grateful for Mr. Dharma
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Grateful for the season of Summer about to open up!

Grateful for much better weather!
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Originally Posted by Soberpotamus View Post
Grateful my fear of doing nothing at all finally trumps the terror of doing it badly.
Grateful that our Potamus said it for me too.
Grateful for the rain drumming steadily on the roof and
grateful the roof has no holes!
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Grateful that I'm finally getting some computer training at the new job.
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Time For A New Thread

Continues Here;
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