22 years later, grateful but for very different reasons

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22 years later, grateful but for very different reasons

22 years ago today I gave birth to my 2nd daughter. That day I also gave birth to an alcoholic/addict. Man, we had no idea, no EARTHLY IDEA what life would hand us.

So as I look back over the past 22 years, I have so many wonderful memories of her growing up. She is so vibrant, so talented, so caring, so intelligent, SO The last 4 years have been difficult. I'd be lying if I didn't admit to that. But more important than the heartache we've suffered over the last four years are the blessings and recovery that have come into our life as a result of her admitting to being an alcoholic and an addict.

She chose to get into a 12 step program (Thank You, Lord) which was a very gutsy and courageous move for a 20 year old. It has been very difficult for her and she has gained our utmost respect and admiration for meeting her problem head on. Her getting involved in a 12 step program resulted in my husband and I getting involved in our own 12 step program. And now I wonder how I ever lived without applying the 12 steps to my life. Wait, I know how I lived... pretty miserably, especially when I was trying to control others' lives. (Don't quite have the program perfected yet, but let's not talk about

I am so grateful, so very, very grateful that her HP didn't and won't give up on her. Guess that's why He, on the day she had reached her last straw, chose to let her ride by one of those faded, old signs on the road, a sign that read "GET RIGHT WITH GOD." Coincident? No way. God wants my 'baby' clean and sober. My prayer is that she will keep Him at the forefront of her life, letting Him be the guide her on her road of recovery.

So thank you, Lord and Happy Birthday, baby! It's one day at a time for both her and us, and I thank you for everyday she is clean and sober. And I thank you for bringing to light the things in my life that needed changing also.
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