Your Top 10 for today?

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Your Top 10 for today?

It has been a good habit for me to take a deep breath when getting wrapped up in whatever & going, "hey- count out 10 gratitude's..."

What are yours? Doesn't have to be big- in fact, they are usually small & simple! It's a thing of beauty

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1) Didn't wake up & smoke weed first thing w/ a doobie sitting in the ashtray waiting for me before any other thought is barely processed. SO thankful to be off the chain.

2) My throat doesn't hurt. I am grateful not to be sucking down constant cough drops, getting colds, coughing & "not sure why" I keep getting sick.

3) I am grateful for this forum- honestly- I'm not getting along w/ one person in particular at the meetings & this person is at every single one. The Marijuana Anon fellowship is small in this area. Grateful beyond belief to have a place for this feelings amongst others who understand.

4) I'm glad to have rent money & it's paid this month.

5) PSYCHED that it's Friday!

6) I'm thankful to have some fresh maple syrup from the sugar shacks last weekend. More than anything, I am grateful to know a life that has pleasures without substances.

7) I took a long drive last weekend & back in the day, it was a time to "celebrate" with a bag of weed & friends, and I'd be smoking up the whole ride. I took this ride for the first time sober & couldn't face this challenge for over a year, and I did it. It was on my mind a lot, but I did it. Thankful to have the program that helped me through it w/ prayer, affirmations, and things people have said like ghost voices of encouragement.

8) In sobriety, I am so much more there for people & am thankful to be present lately, because with my eyes open, I can't believe how much was going unnoticed before.

9) Life has been so complicated lately, I am thankful not to have additional layers of manageability going on too.

10) And finally! I am thankful it is Spring! This has been a LONG winter!

Thanks for reading. I hope to see some other "shares" of Top 10s too. Thx!
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