15 Months Straight of Gratitude!!

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Wink 15 Months Straight of Gratitude!!

Hey there Everyone,

it has been quite the spell since my last log-in, in fact almost 3 months to the day. well first things first as of 22-minutes ago I am 15-MONTHS CLEAN AND SOBER!!!!

That is amazing and when I think about this milestone I smile and reflect back to the times that were vital and helped shape this transformation in me. But, I will not dwell on the negative because life is too short to dwell on the sad times of addiction, however do not forget about it because if it was not for that we would not have recovered. With this post I will make a promise to myself first, and the rest of the posters, readers, bloggers and anyone else who comes here for companionship, advice or just to blow some steam off that my posts and replies to a lot of folks here will be on a daily basis. It was part of my New Year's Resolution to get way more actively involved in my recovery, yes I still go to four meetings a week in my hometown, volunteer a ton, go to my monthly appointments and take my one suboxone a day to stave off any annoying craving for opiates. However, the one aspect of my recovery that I initially enjoyed greatly was put on hold, there are no rhymes or reasons, just got busy with life and it is not as if I got rid of my internet connection or computer, I just guess I was too busy and I say, "no more". My internet recovering addicts and addicts who are seeking help need me and I need them even more, this site has helped me so much in the past and quite frankly it deserves more attention, if not for my posts, the least I could do is help some other people out with advice about sobriety etc. I still know I sit here with only 15-months of clean time and I made a promise to myself that I would not go overboard celebrating until I was clean the same amount of time that I was addicted (6-years). But, I cannot help it, my old happiness and outgoing emotions have returned from hibernation, it is truly unfortunate how opiates trick your brain so long into thinking it is happy and the world is all sunshine and rainbows and then you get off of them and have this lovely thing called PAWS (post acute withdrawal syndrome), which to me means your brain's happiness receptors are repairing themselves since they were so badly damaged by overusing artificial chemicals .

Well, I do not want to sit here and ramble and ramble, I have people to connect with, message, reply, interact, chat or maybe just read and reflect on some posts. It still amazes me that all of us human wise are different, yet any opiate addict story is quite frankly the same when you started, how you got hooked and then the cycle of addiction which we call can pretty much relate to and when we all figured out that you get sick and tired of being sick and tired. Happy Day after Tax Day folks, remember since our lovely government decided they could just shutdown for those weeks earlier this year that tax returns maybe delayed because of this, which I am so certain that the congressmen, senators and president will have a delay as well. sad Let us not even get into politics let us congratulate and be there for one another, so say hi to a stranger on a post, add a friend on here, or visit the chat rooms I hope to see some of you in there.

Have a great Thursday and remember one day at a time that's all it takes,

Patrick K!
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Congratulations on 15 months airmankenyon! Keep up the great work.
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