Morning Gratitude - Part 36

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Grateful that I didn't drink yesterday.
Grateful for my husband's company and affection.
Grateful that my son called me -- even if only to ask for money!
Grateful that I can help him out.
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Grateful to have most of the day to myself today and only having rest on the agenda.
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Originally Posted by IWLSAST View Post
Grateful to wake up to a three little word text from my youngest sent to me after I fell asleep last night.
No, not "I love you"...but, Let's Go Pitt!
Seeing that I knew they beat Notre Dame (woohoo). I fell asleep watching the game and missed the end.
Anyway, she is at Ohio State, but attended countless Pitt football and hoops games with me growing up...and is still a big fan.
So, in a way, she was saying I LOVE YOU...don't you think?
Oh absolutely! She was saying I love you, AND I ALWAYS WILL.

Grateful to watch The Bells of St Marys this morning, and Little Miss Sunshine last night.
Grateful this headache will pass.
Grateful to doze with the dog till it does.
Grateful I don't have to be perfect... as I'd be a big loser if I did!
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Originally Posted by EternalQ View Post
Oh absolutely! She was saying I love you, AND I ALWAYS WILL.
Oh EQ, Grateful for the tears of joy you just brought me!
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Originally Posted by LindaLou View Post
Grateful to be sober and not hungover for my birthday today!
Grateful for the warmth of the sun shining on my face.
Grateful to not be on the couch feeling like crap all day (we've all been there)!
Grateful for my SR family!

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Grateful for Eternal and FBL's milestones! ♥♥♥
Grateful that grtgrandpa had such a wonderful family celebration.

Love V xx
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To my celebrating fellow SR gratees: Eternal, FBL, grtgrnpa, LindaLou

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Recovering ostrich
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Grateful for another day
Grateful that talking to my son was so easy
Grateful for the wonderful women out in my life
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Grateful for another Monday morning (how I used to dread them when I was drinking).

Grateful for another day sober.
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grateful to not get all nerved up over unknown outcomes
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Grateful for my ice cream. It helped.
Grateful for the coffee sitting in the pot waiting for me.
Grateful for another sober Monday morning.
Grateful for my two beautiful daughters and the joy they bring (even if sometimes it needs to be dragged out of them).
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Grateful to get on SR and get centered.
Grateful for the freedom to make choices.
Grateful to my three sons...two who are war veterans.
Grateful for my housing options
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This morning I am grateful for:

My sobriety.

The beginning of a new work week and possible schedule change.

Better coping skills.


Have A Great Day All,
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Grateful for my real blessings: husband, son, job, home, health, sanity (kind of).
Grateful that being in the hallway isn't hell -- it's just not heaven, and it's where I am.
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Grateful for those who served and gave their lives, remembering on this Veterans Day to be grateful for the freedom my family and I enjoy because of them.
Grateful for the day off...I love 3 day weekends and 4 day workweeks.
Grateful for a fun and relaxed Sunday I enjoyed with my kids yesterday.
Grateful to be sober and feeling more at peace.
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Grateful for the vision of Dr Bob and Bill W.
Grateful to plan, while leaving the outcomes open ended (work in progress)
Grateful to see v on this thread
grateful for this grat pak
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Grateful for today and another chance to get it right.
Grateful my 3 yr old is now a 4 yr old, happy birthday to him, 11/11 what a special day.
Grateful to spend some time with my Dad this morning.
Grateful for the telephone conversation with my daughter this morning.
Grateful to be able to say sorry.
Grateful for biting my tongue and not being goaded into an argument with another this morning.
Grateful to you all, my dear friends.

Grace xxxx

JUST FOR TODAY, I will make a conscious effort to be aggreable. I will be kind and courteous to those who cross my path, and I'll not speak ill of others. I will improve my appearance, speak softly, and not interrupt when someone else is talking.
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Grateful for a great AA mtg. this morning on Veterans Day and the great gratitude shares by all of my SR buddies especially (((V))) in Oz.

I was in the Marines during the Korean war and we loved to drink. Grateful for those who made it both in combat and surviving alcohol. Yesterday(10Nov.) was the marine corps birthday. Semper Fi!

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Time For A New Thread

Continues Here;
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