Thank you....

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Thank you....

Im grateful for my BF...for the past year and half since he got the methadone with me...He been having a BIG problem with xanax...It became his new addiction..Like the dope addiction wasnt enough..
But he went in rehab for the secound time in october...and when he got out the end of november hes been clean since..and im finally seeing his old self again..And im so happy to see him change for the better in front of me..He has that glow in his eyes again..Today he was talking my ear off about how his starting school on tuesday..and how he wish someone could just tell him what he has to major in..He doesnt know what he wants to do...I kept telling him he dont have to rush things..and he doesnt have to make a decision on that for 2 yrs..He should just take his time and taste alil bit of everything till he sees something that really interests him,.For me teen drug counseling..Has become my dream...I think its the best i can make the negatives in my life turn to positive..Hey i myself was a teen addict..And i know how hard it is to talk to therapists who only know addiction from a book...and then try and tell me what i gotta do and feel...Its a bit easier when you have someone who tells it like it is..And i hope tim finds the same passion i have for that in something he loves..We also talked about moving back to jersey...His home town which is a much better area then where we are now...or basically anywhere here in nyc..We both want our children to grow up better then we did..I see a great future for us..I just hope he continues on the paths hes on...And hopefully isnt tempted to fall back...
So thanx for giving me my love back...its oh so much better when were sober..Jackie
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